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  1. I'm looking of a complet 620 parts truck or something I can use my truck as parts on
  2. dash

    Windhield Gasket

  3. needing body parts for 79 620.. doors/ fenders / talegate/ frount and back bumpers in myrtle creek Or zip code is 97457
  4. ... why do I have a rep of -2

    1. Jayden71


      Becuz you keep worrying aboot it.

    2. RedBanner


      It comes and goes, dont worrie about it, kamakazi goes up 200 points and back down 300 points over night.

  5. Just the lights and for some reason the battery is in the bed
  6. dash

    So yeah....

    But it made you look lol
  7. dash

    So yeah....

    Yeah yeah I know
  8. dash

    So yeah....

    I dont know it doesnt look bad or anything I really lile the look and you can deffently tell that something has been done to the cab and I just think it looks kinda diffrent in a good way and to me it still looks agressive... I just dont like that style of bed veary much ..
  9. It was probly the twin falls post
  10. Nope this is my first post abought ths
  11. So I was wondering if there where other ratsun member around my area.. I see datsuns around all the time .. I was just wondering if anywhere ownd by ratsun members
  12. dash

    So yeah....

    You know im the opisit I really like king cabs but dont really like the reg... Im not a fan of step sides eather but man is that truck sexy or what... And next time ill make sure to inclued a dicription in my postings. And possably a title pretaning to the topic fo the thread
  13. dash

    So yeah....

    Yeah but none of them are king cabs
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