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  1. Sorry guys for disappearing for so long. The paint job wasnt what i wanted so getting redone again and doing the interior, so updates of pics once all complete coming soon.
  2. Yes, its auto. Trying to keep it an easy day to day car and the traffic is crazy here, so maybe in the future a manual is considered :)
  3. Thank you. improvisation along the way. the wiring of the meters should be done this week and the brake settings done. so pics and video when ready.
  4. here are some pics of the engine bay. taken from my iphone at night, sorry the cars still dirty and a bit dark but just a small view whilst touching up the wires and interior. pic of the left side headers my custom radiator and 2 x 10" fans to keep the Bangkok heat away. the overall engine bay and air intake i found laying around. will create a box around the intake later to not let any hot air in.
  5. thank you. went to check it out today but shame they don't have a full set of what i wanted, RPM, Speedo, Volt meter, water temp. so i had to get the auto gauge instead. not bad they gave me a 6 months warranty as well.
  6. i was looking for the gauges to put into the truck and i came across the brand called "auto gauge" anyone heard of it before? if so, is it any good?
  7. Mines 5 lugs, i converted my hubs for them. Beebanis are nice already.
  8. Southern620, Yeah these wheels are classic, however 13" to 15" watanabes are not so hard ro find but 16" and 17" s rarely are seen outside of japan. So if your truck brakes are standard then it wont be toohard to find
  9. Mrbigtanker, The bar is standard factory spec here cause it was used to support long objects such as logs, bamboos, pipes, and even for people to hold on standing at the back. ( this one i think) . If im not wrong, the bar was for the asian market. As for the sound clip, i got an iphone, how can i get it on this thread? Thanks
  10. Hahaha, not just Denver, alot of people here has their eyes fixed on it as well. Gotta put on an alarm when its done so it doesnt get nicked when i park it onthe streets for dinner one day. And also got to get anti theft wheel bolts, this wheel spec is highly sought after in the retro market.
  11. as promised. the color is bentley grey, a color i really like the body and engine all wired up now and fired up smoothly. the exhaust done as well but there's some crackle at high revs, so once its fixed, i'll try to post a vidoe of the sound then. going to get the meters this weekend, have the brand Autometer in mind. once all these are done, a final touch up of the dents and color, accessories, bumpers, window tint, etc will be done. almost 2 years now for this project, can't wait to hit the gas! cheers for all the anticapi
  12. sorry for disappearing for so long, been busy with business and work. cars been through the flood crisis without being destroyed. now color done, engine wiring and engine started with hell alot of work done to the exhaust, will load the pics up for viewing real soon.
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