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  1. vex210

    B310 Roll Call!!

    Yes, all off them. There's a meet, every Thursday in SD, you'll find me there..http://community.ratsun.net/topic/6966-san-diego-meet/page-39?do=findComment&comment=1229316
  2. vex210

    B310 Roll Call!!

    I'm trying,but We did took my lil brothers 310GX
  3. vex210

    B210 Rollcall

    Excelled porn...
  4. vex210

    B310 Roll Call!!

    Front 14x8 and on the rear 14x9 got those redrill
  5. vex210

    B310 Roll Call!!

    Those flares came from Datsunfreak, and yes it's been close to 4 years, I think..
  6. vex210

    B310 Roll Call!!

    I'm getting ready to cut....
  7. vex210

    B210 Rollcall

    Does this count..
  8. vex210

    B210 Rollcall

    http://page19.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x467184153 Just under $900
  9. vex210

    Car Porn

  10. vex210

    INSMNCS: John Cain

    This guys got good pranks...
  11. vex210

    B210 Rollcall


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