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  1. Starting to assembly my 'new to me' engine. Wiring next...its still HOT at 10pm though ?
  2. Fun thread to watch guys! Wish my car friends still had passion to build anything. Lazy turds.
  3. thegreg

    GOONS check in

    Honestly, don't know. Haven't torn it apart to investigate. PO got it just like this too. (( 280zx ))
  4. thegreg

    GOONS check in

    Just picked up my 72 510... traded for my 72 521! (still have my 72 510 2dr)---> ALMOST had the trifecta.. 4 wheel disc, and came with a KA24E swap set up.
  5. I LOVE that color!! Good luck on your road trip!
  6. thegreg

    My 521 Adventure

    Got it started last week, after having the carb overhauled. Either the fuel lines are plugged/rotted or the pick up in the tank is. Added fuel to tank, nothing produced, but once i hooked a gas can and hose to the pump, she started right up. Will need new contacts for starter & get a new ignition switch wired in, the toggle switch and door bell starter button is not my style. http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v512/onemisledyuth/Datsun%20521/A108AAEB-5E0F-46A9-9B83-00FE66E4B321_zpscleeus8f.mp4 Click link above to link to 15s video
  7. I love the color! Awesome progress so far
  8. thegreg

    My 521 Adventure

    Seat was trashed by animals, too bad because the underside looked newer, like it had been redone not long ago. Also the carpet was newer. But unsavable
  9. thegreg

    My 521 Adventure

    Not too bad... Seat belts are missing
  10. thegreg

    My 521 Adventure

    I have some steadfast rules on what I feel is reasonable. I think that might be considered cheap, or ignorant in some situations. I paid $510, plus a tank of fuel for my truck.
  11. thegreg

    My 521 Adventure

    Probably less then most people... I paid exactly what I actually thought was fair... what do you consider too much for it?
  12. thegreg

    My 521 Adventure

    My guess is that the damage was animal caused, considering all the rat crap inside and in the engine bay.
  13. thegreg

    My 521 Adventure

    Saved for later updates...
  14. thegreg

    My 521 Adventure

    Saved for later updates...
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