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  1. For those not on the realm Over the weekend a friend and I arranged a "shoot". Another friend of mine lives all the way east in Las Vegas and this is the view from his neighbors backyard. The first time I was in the yard I told his neighbor I would like to get a photo of my car and the view, when he replied "go for it" I took him seriously lol.
  2. Wow looks good Jeff, that black cover on the fresh paint really pops
  3. Yeah thats them. I want to get something lighter for the track and keep some grippy tires on those and just throw some longer lasting tires on the Grids. Not really sure what my options are though
  4. Anyone on here have experience tuning with Nistune and also getting an AEM Uego Wideband connected to the computer. Right now I have all the hardware for it to connect to the computer however when I go to test it to make sure it gets the proper readings as the Widebands manual says I get nothing but 0's. Also I just installed STI yellow injectors and a Z32 maf on my SR20DET, when I go to start the car it fires up but quickly dies out due to excessive fuel. I adjust the injectors and maf in the tune and tried to mess with the latency but got no luck. Any help would be great.
  5. Thank you sir! This was my vision before even purchasing the car, well actually the vision had no flares but I could not resist. Its actually a 70.
  6. My brother in law decided to buy a new lense for his nice DSLR. Took a few pics by the house for fun.
  7. I actually just installed the front lower rocker section from alpha. While it was not a perfect fit, for the price I could not complain. I bite the bullet and order the full qtr panel since my current one is more bondo than anything else. I dont have a build on here but I do on the realm. I should be working on it in the next two weekends.
  8. Two things I love in this photo. 1. Niners Flag Flying! Whos got it better than us!? 2. The husky! My dog sits the same excaty way. Intresting breed of dog to say the least.
  9. Anyone remember the build where the stock the stock SR20det manifold and made it top mount?

    1. PoorMtnKid


      the took the stock*

  10. I noticed a page back you will be sellin your turbo. What are your running?
  11. "How much down force does this produce?"
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