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  1. I finally got some seats and had the original seat brackets modified to accept the narrower Sparco mounting pattern. I installed the seats and mounted my Momo heritage steering wheel. The passenger seat appears that the floor isn't as level as the driver side so I might need to shim the seat brackets to make the seat sit more level. The seats are Sparco R333. They are pretty comfortable, I am 5'8". I will have to see if a helmet will clear with them in the current position, I may need to somehow lower the seat or lean it back, but so far I think it will work perfectly.
  2. I have contacted them, but of course denied it. There wasn't any floor or seat pan repair before. The floor pan repair is welded good, however I don't understand why where the pan meets the door sill instead of drilling the spot welds where it does a 90 and replace that part, instead they cut it butt welded. Seems ok, but likely many hours to weld that instead of a few spot welds aka more billable hours to charge me. You can sort of see what I mean here: http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee192/ace028/Datsun 510/15170947_1541264885890652_4476931139725864941_n.jpg
  3. Thanks man. I am trying to get some progress on it. I hope to at least get it driving before I take it all apart to address all the little details before final assembly. I expect it will take me a couple years more with all the moving around and having available space to work on it.
  4. It’s over the passenger rear seat pan. So from top it looks ok, but from below you can see they didn’t cut out the rust and just welded over the top. So now I have to find a seat pan or make my own and cut out the patch and weld a new one in. I won’t get to this for at least a year as I am going to go to more training and move again.
  5. I just checked the box and unfortunately the guy that sold them to me off eBay cut off the part number on the box and wrote LH and RH in its place, SMH. I have aftermarket locks and it seems to be the Z design for some reason on the doors and trunk. I don't plan on using the lock for the ignition at this time, but to use a push button start in its place.
  6. We'll I finally got around to doing just a small amount of work on the car. Since I was gone from the US for a while, I had the car in storage, I picked it up where I had it in Texas and brought it home to Arizona. This little car has been all over the US, sadly on a trailer. Hopefully one day it will have a journey under its own power. She will have another journey in about 6 months again across the US lol. Seat brackets back from powder coating along with the trunk springs. Question, I have read the posts about installing the springs, but maybe since I have a fiberglass trunk, its way too powerful and lifts the corner up while closed. Or I can install them where it just barely lifts it after unlatching it but won't hold it up. Any advice? Mocking up my side vents, just need to find some decent flaps from the original ones to transfer to these ones. I installed the beautiful diff cover on to my R180 LSD along with some ARP bolts. I repainted the diff with wrinkle black and it turned out better than I thought. Don't mind the overspray, I cleaned that of later. Cover installed with new bolts and torqued to spec Mocking up the billet mustache bar And installed into the car. I mocked up my trans mount from TSR. ********* So I also found a few things that I am really disappointed to find, check it out: A not so bad patch right? Look at this! I really wish I had inspected the car better before I picked it up, but as its on the bottom, it wouldn't have been easy to spot this. I can't believe I paid thousands for all the work done on this car and to find this kind of work. Makes me sick. Further, I find out the rear crosmember has the poly bushings installed, but no metal sleeve that goes in the middle, so when I try to torque the nuts, it just bends the large washer. I don't even thing this is the correct washer. Can anyone provide some advice to remedy this? Do I order new and what washer do I get? I have seen some poly bushings that have the recess for the stock style, while these bushings are flat, well bent because they can't seat against the metal sleeve because its not there. Thanks
  7. Small update, the transmission mount arrived at my parents house from Mario at TSR, it looks great! Hopefully once I return from the other side of the world, I can fit all the parts up on the car. Of course it will all come apart for paint afterwards. This mount is for the S15SR20DET, however I am having a really hard time finding one thats not $5000 or more. Anyone have any recommendations? I think the pandemic has these even more scarce than before.
  8. Your car looks amazing! Hope I can make my 510 clean like your Z!
  9. I am slowly collecting some new parts. When I saw this steering wheel I fell in love. I don't like the MOMO accordion hub adapter so I got the NRG adapter which I think looks so much better. Word of warning, so when you order the steering wheel, it doesn't come with the metal horn button retaining ring for some reason or any mounting screws, so a quick order from mrsteeringwheel.com was needed. Also you can see some lonelydriver parts, the key you saw in the last update, and new for this update is the door lock pulls. They have a cool engraving on the top of them with the broken heart logo. Excited to see what other products they offer.
  10. This has to be one of my favorite threads here, looking forward to updates.
  11. My dad sent me some pictures of the goodies that arrived in the mail. Who doesn't like billet parts? Diff mounting parts 🙂 Now I just need machinedspeeds sexy diff cover to tie it all together. Hopefully my TSR transmount/ cross member will be here soon.
  12. I was browsing through some of the pictures that Troy had sent me a couple years ago when the car was at his shop, and I realized I hadn't posted them. It is really nice to see this car has came so far from where it was when I purchased it. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. Anyways hope you enjoy these pictures and thanks for following with me on this build. I hope to have some new goodies soon. Anyways on to the pictures... Here is a shot of the rear disc brake and wilwood setup. Notice the powder coated control arm. Here you can see the rear subframe was powder coated and the rear coilovers from Troy were fitted. (disregard the wheel, my ZX wheels didn't fit well and have since been sold). Moving on to the front, my cross member was reversed, and all new adjustable steering parts were fitted. Unfortunately the center link was not powder coated and is now rusty. I spoke to Mario at TSR and he said my link will also need to be modified to clear the SR. Sorry for the poor quality photos, these are what was sent to me at the time. He cut the strut top lip out to make room for the adjustable camber plates, and it turned out great. And finally we have the front brake setup
  13. Looking good man! So wish I could work on my car. What oil cap is that?
  14. Since I am overseas, I do not have anything I can really do to my car except order some parts here and there. With this being said I have been on the hunt for OEM mirrors for the left and right side. A set came up on eBay that was exactly what I was looking for. I promptly purchased and likely overpaid, but nevertheless I ended up with these: I do however find the packaging they came in strange, the boxes have all new logos on it, yet these are supposedly NOS. They do say made in japan on them. My plan is to weld the many holes that were made over the years closed on the door, and spot weld a small backing plate behind them, and insert a rivnut so they can be held on with proper screws instead of a course screw through the sheet metal. Next I found out my locks are S30 style so I purchased this from lonelydriver: Once I get home, I will have all my locks keyed the same as they are all same style, just different keys. Next I purchased a Subaru R180 diff from a 2006 STI. So from my research this is a CLSD. Now I just need to order some new axle seals, and will likely source a diff mount from MachinedSpeed as well as the diff cover from him. CV axles will also be purchased sometime soon from datsunrestomods as I like the idea of not having to use any adapters. Since I am missing a transmission crossmember, I ordered one from Mario at TSR that will have a mount with it for my s15. Hope to purchase the s15 in about 9 months or so. Even though this car is a long way from being finished, it is nice to see it start to come together. Once I get it running, it will all come apart for paint.
  15. Nice progress! What brakes are those, they look similar to mine. I got mine from Troy. Does yours have a casting number on them? How do you like the Wheels? I am considering a set of those later.
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