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  1. Small update, the transmission mount arrived at my parents house from Mario at TSR, it looks great! Hopefully once I return from the other side of the world, I can fit all the parts up on the car. Of course it will all come apart for paint afterwards. This mount is for the S15SR20DET, however I am having a really hard time finding one thats not $5000 or more. Anyone have any recommendations? I think the pandemic has these even more scarce than before.
  2. Your car looks amazing! Hope I can make my 510 clean like your Z!
  3. I am slowly collecting some new parts. When I saw this steering wheel I fell in love. I don't like the MOMO accordion hub adapter so I got the NRG adapter which I think looks so much better. Word of warning, so when you order the steering wheel, it doesn't come with the metal horn button retaining ring for some reason or any mounting screws, so a quick order from mrsteeringwheel.com was needed. Also you can see some lonelydriver parts, the key you saw in the last update, and new for this update is the door lock pulls. They have a cool engraving on the top of them with the broken heart lo
  4. This has to be one of my favorite threads here, looking forward to updates.
  5. My dad sent me some pictures of the goodies that arrived in the mail. Who doesn't like billet parts? Diff mounting parts 🙂 Now I just need machinedspeeds sexy diff cover to tie it all together. Hopefully my TSR transmount/ cross member will be here soon.
  6. I was browsing through some of the pictures that Troy had sent me a couple years ago when the car was at his shop, and I realized I hadn't posted them. It is really nice to see this car has came so far from where it was when I purchased it. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. Anyways hope you enjoy these pictures and thanks for following with me on this build. I hope to have some new goodies soon. Anyways on to the pictures... Here is a shot of the rear disc brake and wilwood setup. Notice the powder coated cont
  7. Looking good man! So wish I could work on my car. What oil cap is that?
  8. Since I am overseas, I do not have anything I can really do to my car except order some parts here and there. With this being said I have been on the hunt for OEM mirrors for the left and right side. A set came up on eBay that was exactly what I was looking for. I promptly purchased and likely overpaid, but nevertheless I ended up with these: I do however find the packaging they came in strange, the boxes have all new logos on it, yet these are supposedly NOS. They do say made in japan on them. My plan is to weld the many holes that were made over the years closed on the door, and s
  9. Nice progress! What brakes are those, they look similar to mine. I got mine from Troy. Does yours have a casting number on them? How do you like the Wheels? I am considering a set of those later.
  10. Since the time has come to once again move, I have welded a winch mount and added a winch to my car trailer. Later I will make a permanent battery mount and storage box on it. Yes it is a ATV winch, but it is rated for 3000lbs, and ill probably end up using a snatch block. I thought I would take you on the cars short journey from Monterey California to Fort Worth Texas, we didn't stop much but took a few pics at the Joshua Tree park. Would have been cool to actually be driving the 510 through there. Peaking at skull rock Just enjoying the sunshine Excuse all my items packed
  11. I am getting the car ready to transport still. I adjusted the locks so now I can lock the doors, and have installed the front glass. I was surprised that my local glass shop had one available. They said they were too. Only think I have noticed is that the rest of my glass except the passenger door glass (plain clear) is nice blue tint and the windshield is green tinted. I was hoping it would be blue tinted but this is the only glass I could find. You may wonder why I am installing it now. Well I will be moving for my job, and need to transport it next month where it will be subject to the weat
  12. Sorry copy and paste from my 510realm thread. Seeing how I will be going overseas for my job, and the need to transport the 510 once again here in a few months. I decided it was time to enable the hood to latch again. This way I don't have to worry about securing it down with wire or ropes. I sourced a lever and latch set. Seeing that I think my replacement front end was from a early 510, the new lower latch didn't fit without cutting. So I didn't want to do that today, so I will use the old lower latch for now. I want to use the newer latch in the future because they updated
  13. Just pushed her to get some sun, gonna need some body work but starting to look like a car again, then I will take it back apart after I get the engine purchased and fitted so it can get paint.
  14. Thanks, yes I am in the Army. I can't wait to get the engine ordered and all fitted then take apart for paint.
  15. Just putting parts on the car to check for fitment IMG_3782 by Asa Eells, IMG_3783 by Asa Eells, IMG_3918 by Asa Eells, The hood is definitely needing some fitment to ensure good panel gaps.
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