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  1. OK, OK, I have just re-read the whole thread & realised that a couple of things need to be added. The adjustable cam sprocket & timing cover with access panel have gone. A friend up the road has been racing a 1200 coupe for quite a few years with great success, but his A15 went off like a grenade, so he fitted his spare engine. My parts will be used in a new 'spare' engine. & I will run a Rollmaster timing set instead. It looks like I will recondition my original 1200 GX twin carb induction system & run that for a while before fitting the EFI system. I have sec
  2. Well, it looks like I should have been checking in a little more often. Here's the situation. The KB10 is now a KB10GL & it is at home. A little over two years back I took a package & left my employer of 42 years. I decided to retire & take a break from everything, ... but that got a bit boring, so I started to get back into my bicycle collection which has been laying dormant for about 15 years or so & to this end I started collecting more 'stuff' About a year back I thought I would add a single BMX to the collection. BAD IDEA. I sourced a 1981 Mongoose frame &
  3. Well stone the bloody crows! Blood oath mate, we wouldn't pull ya leg over something as important as a ridgey-didge Ute. These things are as rare as rockin' 'orse sh*t. Fair dinkum, youse blokes should get out there & save this little treasure before it's too bloody late. Yair.
  4. Well, the first picture is of a new pair of JDM Sunny 1200 GX mirrors, while the second is of the Sunny KB10-GL ones. This should give a better comparison. Oh yeah, I lashed out & bought these 1200 GX ones too, & both just reek of late 60's & 70's style. I love it. Icehouse, come on over. I have only one bed, but I can throw a matress on the floor for you in one of the other bedrooms. I'm sure that you will feel right at home in among the carefully stacked Datsun & Dodge hemi parts that I have been gathering. :eek: ;)
  5. I think I will leave the door mirrors in place for now as you suggest as the reasons for placing them there in the first place are still valid. You're right about parts pricing being damned expensive & some of the pieces for this car have given me the cold shivers, but to offload it now would cost me much more that the price to finish it from the present position. Besides, I have wanted a car like this for over 25 years now, so to quote Margret Thatcher, when she was discussing the first Gulf War with Pres Bush [senior] "This is no time to go all wobbly on me", so I just need to suck it u
  6. Well, next came the perplexing problem of the mirrors. The JDM version of the KB10 did not come with external mirrors as standard, however, they were listed as an option. The coupe got the rectangular [sort of] mirror head while everything else got a round mirror head with a slightly convex lens. Almost all Aussie B10 cars came with the external mirrors from the dealer as standard, & all of these were of the round head variety. Now, both my Japanese sales brochure & my Aussie ones list the mirrors as an option, but the English text brochures would be a straight copy from the Jap o
  7. Mate, the parts list is longer than this & I have been gathering parts for B10 models since I bought my first one in 1980, so it's only been 27 years. As for being scared to drive it, I already am, & it's still in pieces. It will probably spend most of it's time under a cover in the shed with occasional trips to selected 'Datsun' events as I already have too much money tied up in it. I have a 1200 coupe to drive & I will need to buy a bigger vehicle, either a wagon or a pickup, to cary & tow when it comes time to build my 1933 Dodge street rod. Neither the 1200 or the 1000
  8. Along the way, like all good students, there were times when it was necessary to 'hit the books'. In my case it was the parts books, & I have several for these cars [different sizes] & the research included original sales brochures. My parts books are for the Australian version of my car, which was sold as the 'Datsun 1000 Coupe', however, the Japanese version, known simply as the 'Sunny Coupe' differed in a couple of subtle ways. Additionally, there were differences in equipment levels, along with an additional model within the range. As far as I can tell [so far] the Japanese
  9. Damn problem with the engine bay is, .... how do I get the engine in without scratching it. I think I will have to lower the body over the cross member & engine trans assembly, just like they did at the factory. I want you all to understand that this is a project gone HORRIBLY wrong. It was going to be a cheap & nasty 'fix up', but you know how it goes, when you fix one thing, it makes the part next to it look bad, so that needs fixing up too, & so it goes, ... on & on & on until it ends up like this. A smart man would know when to quit, but I'm still going, so what
  10. Well, after a workload that would drive just about anyone insane, I have decided to take a day off [sunday] & I will now see if I can continue with the saga. I had to read back over this thread to see where I was up to. OK, once the body beautiful was completely naked, it was subject to a very careful preparation & given a coat of primer, as seen in the last photo's. The unsightly blemishes [spot welds] that spoilt her good looks are now gone, but you already know that, so it was time to give it a new paint job. This was a time of anguish as I wanted to paint it in a lovely &am
  11. KB10

    pic's of your 1200

    Ggzilla Most of the work on the 1200 coupe was done in the first year when my son had it. I did the work, but he had the car. The new wheels have not been fitted as I want to powder coat them & fit new tyres, & that has had to wait while the bank account slowly healed after the high cost Xmas period. I also want to further upgrade the whole suspension at the same time so I am keeping an eye open for the right shocks. Next on the list would be the S13 front brake upgrade, but I don't know about the H165 rear end conversion. It might not be warranted, even though I now have the missin
  12. Thanks for the kind words, & I assume that you have readily recognises the car & its owner as we should be well known to you by now. ;) More instalments to come, but pressure of work & other issues have taken up all my time for now.
  13. EGR? I think that I will 'fit' it, but just how operational it will be is a matter to be determined. At this time I am leaning towards full funcionality, but through a much restricted orifice. The interesting thing is that at full throttle, there is no vacuum to speak of, so the EGR system becomes non operational, so it has no effect on full output anyway, like so many vacuum operated smog devices. I want to keep it as simple & clean on the engine bay as possible, while trying to be a good citizen smog-wise. It will be a delicate balance, keeping in mind that it needs only comply with 197
  14. Yes, a Hemi, but Dodge hemi, not a Chrysler. It's a 1957 D500 [325 cube] & when I got it home I discovered it was a Police special. When I found myself on my own again, I had already gifted my ex the house [with its remaining morgage] & all its contents. I kept all my personal posessions, including the contents of the garage, & started again. That was back in about 1975/ '76 or so. Asking for more was beyond what she even dared to even think about. I was just 26 years old at the time. Lets face it, if she had argued, remembering that there was just the two of us, & I was
  15. Ahhhh, now understand. When you wrote "Canadian Gallon" I thought it was a volume that is/ was unique to Canada, but there is really is no such thing at all. I suppose that this is what happens when someone invents the 'inter'-net & a pedantic SOB from the other side of the planet sticks his bib in. :eek: It really is a global village now. ]2eDeYe [you gotta explain that nick to me sometime] I too have a skeleton in the garage. I love my little Datsuns to bits & have been a dedicated small Datsun man since I bought my B10 in March of 1980, but, well, .... I bought my Dodge in 1967
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