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  1. The idea is to match the turbine housing/wheel combo with the cam. Doing that will prevent having a turbo that comes on at 3500 combined with a cam that runs out of flow at 5500rpm when the correct would allow you to rev and make power to 6500rpm plus. And 400hp is cake for a stock L engine.
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    I had a 83 z that made 425whp at 21 or so psi on a well sorted tune that ran low 11's. I've swapped the drivetrain into a 72 z with an ultra conservative tune(too rich to read on wideband) and made 405 at 19psi.
  3. I have a built 3n71b for sale. It has extra clutches, drilled drum for faster release, cooler bypass plugged, manual valve body, all KEAS spec. It comes with a 3k rpm torque converter. The trans was inspected last spring. It shifts super firm and quick. My 3150lb 280zxt runs low 11's and this transmission takes it with no problems. I would be happy with 750.00 dollars but I'm open to offers. I would sell the valve body seperately for 400.00. I am located near Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and the trans weighs around 100lbs. I will ship at buyers expense. I can be reached at 2047925725 or Bernard352 at netzero dot net.
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