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  1. I plan on runnin 195/50-15 up front and 205/50-15 in the back I'm pretty sure that'll be good
  2. Oh ok thanks for the reply. Also the back would it clear too?
  3. 15*6.5 +18 offset on my 2 door 510 with 280zx struts up front.
  4. hey guys so I was reading up and does a ka24de really make more power than a sr20? Both being stock of course. I'm curious in this since I'm still debating on what engine id like to go out and buy and I'm not looking into putting turbo anytime soon, if at all to whichever engine I choose.
  5. Are they the same cars? I'm feeling even more stupid now
  6. Hey guys this might be a stupid question but are the s13 Silvia ka24de engines the same as a 240? If it's a stupid question I'm sorry.
  7. Honestly that's what I'm planning on doing for now I miss driving my car
  8. Hey guys so just recently I took out my l20 and started looking into the 4.3 and I decided that it wasn't worth cutting up my car just to make that engine fit, so now I'm considering the ka24de or a vg30e I've been reading up a lot on the vg30e and I may be wrong but is it true that I wouldn't even be getting 160 hp on wheels with it? I love the idea of having a v6 in my car but if it's not gonna give me the power I like might as well just go through with a ka24de. And also I can't seem to find out from my reading if I instal the vg30 if I have to chop anything off from my firewall to make it fit.
  9. Thanks, and I've tried posting it there but for some reason it wouldn't let me.
  10. I forgot to put that i need the outside One
  11. Hey guys so my driver side door handle just broke a couple days ago by any chancedoes anyone have an extra for sale?
  12. I was thinking a 5 speed, and at the moment it can't remember what side the starter is on id have too look at it, and I would defiantly look to go dual since like u said it would be cool
  13. Good question, ehh I'm just asking since I have a 4.3 here at the shop and I'm considering swapping it on my 510. I've looked around to see if theirs stories on this swap but I can't find much. I'm just curious to know if it's a struggle to install and if I would have to cut up the car so it can fit.
  14. Hey guys has anyone in this forum ever made this swap happen? And how'd u guys like it if so?
  15. Can anybody tell me how I'm suppose to put the new door gaskets on my 510? If theirs a post about this sorry I didn't find it.
  16. I'm considering getting twin mikunis or twin webers over swapping engines, but I wanna know around how much hp would I have if I put one of these on my l20b engine, I have a a87 closed chambers with stock cam. If anybody has an idea please feel free to answer
  17. Oh I see, thanks I'll check the 38/38 and I always forget to put I have an l20 with an a87 head and just went back to a stock cam
  18. Hi guys I'm currently in search for a weber 40 to put in my 510 and I'm curious to know what kind of intake would I need? Would the 32/36 weber intake manifold work? Reason I'm choosing the weber 40 over the 32/36 is cause I don't think I would feel enough of a power increase by getting a 32/36 weber, I might be wrong? I currently have a stock carb.
  19. Well do u know of anyone selling two?
  20. Anybody selling front rotors for a 71 510? Mines are to thin already I need one ASAP. Thanks
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