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  1. Rastamaoli

    620 Grill

    Get at me im interested
  2. Rastamaoli

    brand new 620 body parts!!

    I want the front valance ship to: 96782
  3. Rastamaoli

    620 cabin's interior square foot

    Would anyone know what the interior square footage is without the area of the windows? Thinking of dynaspraying my 620 cabin
  4. Rastamaoli

    ISO 620 King one piece rear window

    [King cab or standard, sliding or one-piece?] King cab; one-piece Thank you everyone... will pay asap if price is respectable
  5. Rastamaoli

    Side mirrors FS

    How is this style compared to OEM? I just like it cause it round... Oh and are you including the dog paw for free? Thanks
  6. Hello I am still in search of a full rear window please respond paypal payment will be given asap
  7. Rastamaoli

    Side mirrors FS

    i will take the single 15 if it fits it will ship right?? certainly sold
  8. Rastamaoli

    Gorilla Grenade Shift Knob

    Yeah all of you rats been such a help. Thank you very much I'll take care of Abe Lincoln :thumbup:
  9. Rastamaoli

    Granade Shift knobs

    Yeah I do hope they are not explosive. :hairy: I wouldn't want a USPS parcel to explode in mid-air on it's way to Hawaii :frantics:
  10. Rastamaoli

    Anyone tried justdashes.com??

    Thanks rats.. youre really inspiring me to give reverance to the Japanese logo on my hood. Super Terrific :ninja:
  11. Rastamaoli

    Anyone tried justdashes.com??

    Well :hairy: they do not disclose online whether they do a 620 dash. they list everything else but the 620. Im trying to find out if its worth it cause i`m no where close to that shop in Cali. hopefully I can find someone looking to sell a dash in Cali and I will pay someone to send it there for me.
  12. Rastamaoli

    Anyone tried justdashes.com??

    Geez really? Your location shows Japan as your home. Did you do the transaction in the States or from Japan? Was your dash flawless of imperfection prior to submitting the dash? Are their any other comparable companies to them?
  13. Rastamaoli

    620 side mirrors

    Guess when you ask for something you should take it right away.... SOLD to another goon! :ninja: "OK, Thank You Come Again!":frantics: :thumbup: ALOHA anyone else got some OEM's side mirrors....$ cash now 50.00 plus the cost of shipping I'm still searching :hairy: for a pair!
  14. Rastamaoli

    wanted @72 steering colum cover

    ALO :hairy: HA ; I just had a lead that came my way on a 510. I look it up for you BRB :ph34r:
  15. Rastamaoli

    Gorilla Grenade Shift Knob

    What do you all think? Will it fit the tranny stick? Thanks a lot, grenade link

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