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  1. Hasn't ran in like 6 years problems started to happen then parked it. Haven't touched it much either i need to get it back on the road some day.
  2. For sure we do have a lot of both the previs and Toyota vans around here if i can't find something I'll have to pick a few mechanics brain see if they ever dealt with this issue. Either way gotta find a solution.
  3. Yeah i was actually also thinking of the 80's Toyota Van as well that has pretty much the same set up. I'll have to see if the local toyota parts department may be still be able to order those parts.
  4. Finally doing some work on the van. 3 weeks ago a friend came over and wanted to see the van move so we looked into the shift linkage cables exposed after taking off the center console. So the previous owner had the the cables held on with bailing wire and the same thing for the cable down below next to the transmission shift lever. The van shifts into 1st, 3rd, & 5th, so I'm thinking the other cable that goes to the back of the transmission where the second lever is might have same "fix". Of course parts for these are NLA so I'll have to figure out some parts off another vehicle that use similar set up. The shims that hold the cables in place were missing, i replaced them with some i had at home that fit perfectly to hold one of the cables in place where the shifter is located. Did the same for one of the cables and seem to do the trick. Just need to figure out how to get 2nd, 4th & reverse back. Other than that the van definitely needs a tune up, oil change, plugs and wires done.
  5. Like to check in, been messaging you David, what's up man hope everything is good?
  6. Yeah it's not very popular set up i only had seen a video of grassrootsgarage of a guy down in San Diego with a VG35 stroker with a carbureted set up. I don't have access to one, i will try to look for one but can always just run the fuel injection.
  7. Thank you guys unfortunately after this my lower rad hose got murdered by the alternator i replaced it thought i cut enough of it so it wouldn't happen again. Ended up happing once again frustrating, overheated twice and now I think the head gasket might went bad. Plans are too swap a free low mile JDM VG33 I'm getting from my good friend Ali-Reza a member here. Can't say no to free but i want to keep it simple and most likely go the carburetored route with some slight mods. Wanted to keep it L-Series as i have a LZ23 that needs carbs. Figured it's easier and cheaper to do the VG swap.
  8. Some midnight shots i did a week and a half ago.
  9. Side shots while waiting for some food.
  10. Been driving the 610 off and on start the nice weather. No that water wasn't from my car lol.
  11. Spotted my old 200sx at the Datslocos show looking super nice.
  12. Bummer i wasn't able to make it i was 50/50 if I was going to anyway. So happens after a week of having my turbo maxima back from getting wiring harness fixed and dialed in my transmission blew up a week before. Anyone know of a Borg Warner T5 with the driveshaft for sale please message me need it as the one in the maxi is a 71B NA trans.
  13. Hope to see you and your maxima at the Datslocos car show in Manteca this month on the 22nd I'll be picking up my turbo maxima from my buddies shop.
  14. I been craving one for a long time never had the funds to buy one even less today. Its a killer little pocket rocket.
  15. Thanks man i appreciate it, unfortunately i can't take all the credit. I bought that car in early 2014 sold it after about a little over a year owning it completely stock. Then about another year later i bought it back and it had been slammed on S13 coilovers and S13 front suspension. All i really did was put my 14x7 off my 810 wagon on it and bam i fell in love with the look. I put a new 2.25" exhaust with a Flowmaster 40 and those fugly headlights for the moment at the time. Never got to do more to it as i sold it January last year to a friend who ended up cutting the engine bay for a F20C swap 🤦‍♂️. He got kinda disappointed the L24E and how he couldn't do much with it. I think his plan was to make it a drift car sadly.
  16. A friend in sacramento named Ray who has a shop out there called fitted garage had a boosted 84 diesel he said it was as fast as a 240z so not bad for diesel maxima.
  17. Nice man makes miss my 84 miss it, andhow slammed it was and just all around fun.
  18. Makes me miss my old 280zx Turbo still parked in the same spot to the guy i sold it to in 2013. Been wanting to buy it back too 😞
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