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  1. Time Left: 2 days and 22 hours

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    I have a A14 series engine and 4 speed transmission In my 320 show truck. Will be doing another swap and will no longer need these. It recently started smoking a bit on start up. Other than that know known issues fires right up. . It’s out of a 78 B210. I don’t really have a price in mind, will try to do my best on price based on it being shipped and where it’s destination may be. Thanks cell text is preferred Joe


    - US

  2. Time Left: 2 days and 22 hours

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    Currently searching for a bed or bedsides or sections of the bed sides off of a 521, prefer the wheel arch section to be solid, otherwise any condition considered. Thanks for any help. My cell is (724) 624-4855 text would be awesome. Joe


    - US

  3. Thanks for posting!!! Hope everyone likes the final results!
  4. As always if someone wants to post up a few, or a lot of pics lol please shoot me an email or I'll even post my number I can text the pics whatever's easier, Sepiku, I think I have a few of full lift, but that is one of the things I already want to change on the truck, I'm not happy with the amount of lift the truck gets up front, I know how to fix my problem it's just gonna be a lot of work, I have not had any rubbing issues but I'm just scared one day I'll hit a bump just right and tear up a fender
  5. Hey fellas, it's been a few months since I've posted. I can finally call the 320 completely finished, (since July) but I wanted to personally thank all of you guys, for the compliments, for the motivation, for posting pictures for me.. Seriously it's what kept me moving along and motivated... I know some of u guys love keeping the 320's original, and honestly so do I lol.. But the truck I had to start with wasn't the best to do so.. And I appreciate the good and the bad that came with this build.. I can say since I've completed the truck I've only been able to attend to pretty big shows.. One in Indiana state and one in Ohio... Both shows I won "best of show" trophies and also SLAM'D magazine choice award trophy at the Indiana show. I'll have a few more pictures posted for you guys to see the interior pics and also a few from the shows.... Again thanks for all the information and sources thoughout my build... It Also may just pop up in a magazine... Or two here in the future and possibly show up on a tv episode ;). Keep on building cool shit guys!!!!
  6. Lol mklotz, those are just standard stainless clamps, the bolt/screw part hidden on the underside and I have black heat shrink tubing on them, cleans them up a little. Kinda a pain to do to open each one up and a little figuring out where to place it, but looks cool to me.
  7. Your awesome!^^^ and thank you... Sleep tight. Haha
  8. Don't mind the rusty ass rotors, they don't look that way anymore lol..
  9. Lol u can have her, u ain't gettin the truck tho haha
  10. Wayno no longer wants to post... I don't know the details.. Any other takers lol
  11. I have a few pics of almost a finished truck if someone would be nice enough to post up for me.. Or if no one care that's fine too lol.. Email or text me.. Thanks guys. Contenta.joe@gmail.com. Or 724 624 4855
  12. Just a little update, finally have the truck up and running, I'll try to get a handful more pictures up. But next it's off to a shop for interior/upholstery work.... A little closer each day.
  13. No interior yet nosebleed, dash is in but that's about it, should have something started here within the next few weeks. :)
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