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  1. She's finally back on the road, with a later year 280zx 5-speed to boot. No new pictures, but it still looks identical anyway. Gonna get some different mirrors next, and maybe fab up a front lip.
  2. Well, the motor is finally in. Strained a muscle pushing the trans over the crossmember, so I'm gonna take a break for a couple days. Also gives some time for new parts to come in the mail. All I need to do now is attach all the accessories, order a new Weber 32/36, 510 exhaust flange, front brake lines, clutch slave line, and get an downpipe for the exhaust made. Pretty hyped.
  3. Boring update for 9/2/2014 Finally got the tired L20b ripped out. Gonna wake up early tomorrow, swap the oil pans and oil pickup tubes, and get the L16 dropped into the truck. After it's in, I'll start switching all the necessary stuff. Gonna have to order an exhaust flange so I can get a new downpipe made, and also need to order a new Weber. Or... I may start looking for a 5-speed... hmm.
  4. The revival begins... L16, bored .30 over, SSS head, L20b cam, professionally rebuilt. Should have it under the hood and running in under a week. If Lonestar is reading this, thanks again man.
  5. Cool, so I have everything I need. Only thing left to do now is remove all the bolts holding the trans to the engine, and then disconnect the motor mounts and pull the motor out. Is it possible to use a 510 exhaust manifold in the 620? I ask because I think the manifold in the truck is cracked. I intend to eventually make a new exhaust anyway, since I have lots of spare exhaust pipe laying around. Just curious if it interferes with the steering column or something. Also need to poke around and find a Weber 32/36. Should be able to finish this thing up in one or two more days of solid work, if I can manage to wake my ass up before noon, haha.
  6. Searched around for maybe an hour and couldn't find anything conclusive. I've just bought a rebuilt L16 that was intended to be used in a 510, and it came with a 4-speed trans from a 510. I'm planning on dropping the L16 into my 620, and was wondering if it's just going to be a drop in deal, or if I'm going to have to swap the flywheel/clutch disc. Also, I guess while I'm here, what can I take from the L20b in the truck currently, and mount onto the L16? I'm pretty sure the fuel pump is the same, but what about the Distributor? I believe the water pumps are different, but I'm not sure.
  7. So many orange Goons out there.
  8. Yay, someone finally "sighted" my car! If you ever need any help, give me a call. I've got your number saved.
  9. I say race the ratty 510, and keep the 1200 as a daily driver, but that's just me. To me, that 1200 just looks too nice to tear down and strip. I've been daily driving 2 ratty Datsuns for a couple years now, and the only thing they have going for them is that they run, and can be driven. Not to mention, without doing any modifications, the 510 4-door you have will be a better autoX car, both in handling and power.
  10. Taurus with no mag, shoots 2 rounds without trigger pull. Brazillian magic?
  11. Lazy update, over a month later. Been without internet for a while, but some big things have happened for the car in the past 2 weeks or so. She passed inspection. 280ZX front struts and brakes. Got the parts for $100, and they had new calipers + pads, and a bunch of other doodads from the owner. New windshield wipers, courtesy of the 280zx I was pulling parts from. Just took the rubbers out of them and put them in my metal 510 arms. New fuel filter. Installed an old Sunpro Tach I found in the garage. Put it in the dash in the middle of the idiot lights, looks good. New thermostat. Adjusted valves. Timing chain tensioner. The thing was IN FRONT of the timing chain, so not doing its job at all. Spring was all sorts of screwed up. Replaced spring with a hammer spring from a Spyder paintball gun. Made a shift boot from a Crown Royal bag again, just like my 620. Did it just so she would pass inspection, but knowing me, I'll be too lazy to replace it for at least a year. Plugged holes in firewall left by AC hosing and whatever else. And after all that, a bath. She was powdercoated with pollen 2 days later. Uhg. :sick: Was having an issue where the motor would die at any rpm under 1100 or so. For a time, it would die every time I let it idle, so it would die at every stoplight. While adjusting the distributor too far it backfired through the carb and after that it ran PERFECT. Set the idle back down to around 800, set the distributor and carb to give me solid readings on my vacuum gauge. One thing to note though, is that I have the fuel mixture screw turned ALL THE WAY in to the carb. I'm thinking this may be the wrong carburetor? Biggest surprise so far with the project? The dome light for the rear hatch still works! :thumbup: PS: No pictures tonight, but tomorrow is my birthday, so I should have some pictures for the thread tomorrow.
  12. April 15th, and I don't often look into these things. Pretty sure I'm an Aries if I remember right.
  13. Figured I'd leave an update. The timing chain tensioner was in front of the timing chain. Re-adjusted the valves when they were hot, and everything seems to be running good. Also, a fun fact. The tensioners spring was completely screwed up, no good way to fix it. As it turns out, the hammer spring from a Spyder paintball gun is about the same size(I used to play a TON of paintball, and still have boxes of parts all over my room). The gauge was a little thicker, and the diameter was a tiny bit smaller, and the spring overall was a wee bit longer. Despite all that, it fit in there good and the tensioner functioned properly before I put the cover back on. Ran the car for about 3 hours and so far so good.
  14. Just wanted to make a note that I finished, with the aid of aircraft paint stripper, razorblades, and a nylon brush drill attachment. Finished head gasket replacement on 03/20/2013. Also replaced timing cover gasket, oil pump gasket, distributor gasket, water pump gasket, thermostat and thermostat gasket, valve cover gasket, and heater fitting gasket. While messing with it, did a seafoam treatment, oil + filter change, new spark plugs, new antifreeze, new radiator cap, and replaced numerous hoses and vacuum lines. In related news, it seems I'm burning significantly more oil than before. Not sure how much longer this motor is going to stay on the road without a full teardown. Switching focus to the 510 wagon, as I currently have ZERO daily drivable vehicles, out of 4 total. :sneaky: On the bright side, I lost my job one week before the truck motor took a dump, so I don't NEED to drive anywhere.
  15. I'm pretty sure it has no tensioner. I mean, I can wiggle the chain a little bit near the top sprocket, and I can see it moving on the LEFT side of the bottom sprocket. You'd think that the spring for the tensioner would at least be visible in there.
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