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  1. What's your favorite pic?
  2. The best part is that it's the only one in South Florida, so people really love it!!
  3. I'll provide you with Joes' paypal account to send donations, that's if you guys would like to see more progress on this project for now.
  4. My buddy, Joe, from PA is diligently working on this 320 to make it unlike any other... It's bound to be the sickest 320 in N. America in my opinion... Here is a slight pre-view of the project as it stands. We both are curious to see some of your opinions are. We also, are aware and understand that some will not have the same vision as Joe, and we respect that. BTW, I'm just doing the posting for him as he has some computer issues at the moment, and the pictures were taking with his cell phone..... Thanks The trucks' name is "Twizted Intentions"
  5. The wire that went from the ignition to the fuel box was wayyyy to old. I changed it and started right up...... It's alive once more.. thanks dudes.
  6. Let me start by saying I have very little mechanical experience.... My issue: My 320 had ignition spark but the battery was almost dead and it wouldn't turn over. I tried charging the battery outside of the car for 24 hours, and it wouldn't take the charge. I bought a brand new battery and place it correctly and now there is 0.0 spark. Not even a spark like before I replaced the batter. The head lights, dash lights work, but there is no spark at all coming from ignition. All fuses are good. I check the battery and it has 100% charge on it. All the wire are connected, nothing came un-
  7. Wow!!!! Guys that is awesome!!! I'm so glad to get the full history..... I bought it 3 1/2 weeks ago and I just got it running. PAC you did a great job in everything you did, and you made it very easy for me to finish ( I owe you).... For now I just want to enjoy it for a few months, especially since I agree with you guys, that it's the nicest for sure in all of Fla. My 7 year boy is my right hand man in all my projects and is totally in love with it. Not only he has washed it like 25 times in 3 weeks (very carefully, he is a pro), but he's says he wants it to be his 1st car ever, lol. Ho
  8. Yo! Are you serious...... This was your truck? Can you share more history on it? Where did you get if from, and when? How long did you have it? When did you sell it to the guy in Miami? Thanks for any info you can share.........
  10. Jefe: What size lowering blocks do you have out back? 2" blocks Did they remove any leafs? It has 2 leaf... I have no idea what came originally..... Lil89Ram50: what’s left for you to do? Right now it's at shop rebuilding the carb, getting a new fabricated Manifold seal, getting the original fuel pump up & going, and tie any loose ends to make it drivable and reliable. Thank God I found a Puerto-rican crew here who live and breathe Datsun's The Interior needs finishing. The original bench was re-upholster and new door panels were also made, but now it needs
  11. Just bought this truck from a guy who was working on it, but didn't have the funds to finish it. I've never owned a Datsun before and also know very litte about them. From the small research I've found this is supposed to be a rare piece.. What do you guys think? Can you guys tell me about it (example: how many came to the US) ? I'm not plannig on keeping it for a long time. I'm just gonna finish it, have some fun, and when I get bored, it'll go up for sale..... Thanks Eddie (Miami,Florida)
  12. I promise you guys will like my truck. I can't figure out how to up load the pics. When I go the the "insert Pic Icon" it's asking to put the Image URL. I don't have them posted anywhere. Isn't there a browser option in this forum where I can just up load them from my computer?
  13. I recently had my 65 NL320, painted and in the process all the weather strips on the doors and on the engine compartment where diminished and others lost. Can anyone suggest where I can find new ones or what other ones might fit. Oh, I also need a gas cap...lol Thanks, Eddie (Miami,Florida)
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