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  1. pidge

    Can possibly help.

    Thanks Brothers Garage!! -Pidge
  2. pidge

    Can possibly help.

    Sorry Mainer, nothing at all on those specs. Pic of the index if anyone else needs something. -Pidge
  3. pidge

    Can possibly help.

    “Chassis & body” at work right now, but I’m sure your correct Daniel. -Pidge
  4. pidge

    Can possibly help.

    Mainer I’ll check for you tomorrow morning and if so I’ll take a pic of the page(s) for you. -Pidge
  5. That’s some pretty good info. Thanks Wayno, I’ll have to store this in the brain. -Pidge
  6. pidge

    Can possibly help.

    Good day fellas, just got a manual in the mail I ordered online for the 521. If anyone needs any info regarding something let me know and I will do my best to take photos of the section and post it for you. It’s seems to be a prehistoric Haynes type manual. I don’t think it’s the actual mechanics one, but it may help someone. Just throwing it out there. -Pidge
  7. pidge

    my 65 320 build

    Wow that’s pretty impressive what you’ve got goin on there. I like it. Nice job thus far. -Pidge
  8. Buddy sent me this. From Trinidad
  9. Hey Alex did you eventually finish your Beenbani front disc install? Any pics, tips or eye openers? If you finished how do you like it? -Pidge
  10. Fingers crossed Wayno. I’ll do some digging on Beebani’s kit. Thanks man.
  11. Thanks Wayno, just PM’ed him. Fingers crossed, but I’m sure I already know the answer.
  12. Looks like Beebani is the better of the two kits. (Willwood) Not really wanting to pay a huge price to get a Willwood sticker. I like the idea that Mike and Beebani use off the shelf parts. Thanks for replying.
  13. Mikelotz was one of the fellas I was thinking of. I PM’ed him just to inquire if he might have one kit. I like the idea of keeping the stock wheels. I didn’t know Beebani made one as well or either I did and had in my head they were discontinued as well. I’ll do some research into his kit. Thanks man.
  14. 1/2 hour outside Toronto. Just a touch North/West of it.
  15. Thanks Green Thumb, I’m digging the colour as well.
  16. That would be a dream in regards to the front disc, but correct me if I’m wrong I thought the only kits available were two different ones sold and made by members on here, but are currently non existent. Are those still available?
  17. I was thinking the same thing regarding the synthetic oil Mike. I’ll for sure have a look at the bungs. Thanks again.
  18. Thanks Stoffregen Motorsports, noted. Can’t say I’ve played with drum brakes since my high school days in auto shop.
  19. Hey Mike thanks a bunch for the help. I’ll go out this week and start collecting the fluids. Awesome man. -Pidge.
  20. Hey Ratsun people. I just acquired a 69’ 521 for no other reason than I’ve always loved the look of old Datsun trucks. I now own one. Can’t say I’ve driven something this old before. ‘‘Twas a little sketchy stoping. Gotta look into the drum adjustment how to. Hopefully that’s not a big issues. Truck tracks straight and is slow as anything, but I love it. A few things don’t work right off the hop so I gotta get a meter out and poke around. Looks like it has a leaky valve cover gasket so it’s got a big ol shit stain all over the block, a few oddball wires with butt connectors that don’t appear to ever be tied into anything, but who knows. First things first gotta get the fluids swapped out. Would Nissan have the spec on the tranny and rear diff fluid still, anyone know? I remember rsomething about “brass safe@ fluid for the tranny. Anywho look forward to being around on here. I’ll try and post pics. Thanks Pidge.
  21. pidge

    Another 521 on BAT

    That’s right. Use to be on CF back in the day. Nice Xterra by the way.
  22. pidge

    Another 521 on BAT

    Sorry fellas 12 hour shifts......yeah gonna make an offer after checking it out tomorrow morning. Just hard for me to figure out what something like this is worth. That’s why I was hoping for a little heads up and some help on the price I should be asking ball park. Keep in mind it in CDN dollars. As promised here’s some pics of my previous Nissan trucks. https://imgur.com/a/tI0q2VN https://imgur.com/a/irNSdWK https://imgur.com/gallery/ivS3VAz https://imgur.com/a/8A81SXC hope the pics come thru. Thanks Pidge.
  23. pidge

    Another 521 on BAT

    Hello all, I relay hate to ask being a stranger around here, but a truck like this, what would be a fair asking price? The long and short I’ve always and only had nissan trucks and have had zero problems minus ones I’ve created by lifting or lowering. I’m a bit of a Datsun/Nissan lover and this tricks in my backyard for sale so to speak. I’m outta touch on the pricing for something like this and I realize forum rules and what not, but I’m in a bit of a time crunch....apparently it’s had a bump on the front passenger side, has 10yr old tires, same age paint, a vibe at around 60 kilometres an hour, a leaking rear wheel cylinder and needs rear brake shoes both sides, brake lights and one signal apparently out as well. Asking price is $12,000CDN, but that seems steep to me. Like I said I really hate to jump on board here and ask so up front, but I’m just trying to gauge what you guys think. Thanks very much. Look foward to reading any responses.....if anyone’s interested shoot me your email and I can send some pics of a lowered 96’ HB that was in MiniTruckin magazine readers rides back in the day and a 05’ Frontier lifted with a bunch of goodies. I’m not really computer smart, I honestly don’t know if I can copy paste pics off my phone. -Pidge
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