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  1. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Don’t know why the pics are sideways. Sorry bout that. -Pidge
  2. pidge

    Fuel pump I.D.

    Hey guys. I’m getting a little drip drip drip from the fuel pump somewhere. I checkEd the inlet and outlet lines and those are dry to the touch. Can’t tell yet where it’s coming from. Long story short, before I pull the pump (old mechanical style) could the powers give me some in-site if Ive ordered the correct pump. I just checked one of the two DIY books I’ve got and the old pic in the book looks a lot different than the pump I got from the usual suspects; Thailand. Anywho here’s some pics of the said pump. By the way it’s a 69’ 521 with the j13. I took a pic of the page which only leads me to more confusion. (Fig.24B is supposed to be for a j13, but pic describes it as a L series motor???) I don’t know.
  3. pidge

    Hood closing rubbers

    Now you tell me lol.
  4. Oh dang you’ve guys have done a very nice job stripping her down and getting where it is now. AWSOME job. -Pidge
  5. pidge

    Hood closing rubbers

    Nice stuff Mainer!!
  6. I like it. Great looking job on the floor. -Pidge
  7. Hopefully this link works. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a33078274/nissan-hardbody-desert-runner/?utm_campaign=socialflowR%26T&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social-media -Pidge
  8. Just found this thread and went thru it all. Bad luck with the motors, but guess that happens. You seem to have no fear tackling stuff. Like the truck. Cool vids as well. Gotta 1300 521 myself. Any recent work done on it?.......seen the plates, you didn’t happen to sell a 521 bumper recently did you? -Pidge
  9. pidge

    Datsun Patches

    I’ve seen them on eBay before (the round one) type in “vintage Datsun patches/signs/or stuff” Try that. -Pidge
  10. Used it in my 521. No shifting issues. Seems like good stuff. Pretty sure it was Charlie who helped me find it as well. -Pidge
  11. pidge

    Hood closing rubbers

    I like that a lot Daniel. If I ever make it to a scrap yard and remember this I’ll be grabbing some. I totally understand what you mean regarding the height and tightness of the release cable. -Pidge
  12. pidge


    Mmmmm guuud!
  13. pidge

    Hood closing rubbers

    I’m happy. I got rid of the old stuff and put something in that didn’t quite work at first blush, but made it work. Sorry again I can’t remember who suggested these may fit, but thanks again. It was in recent months. Thank you. Hopefully this helps someone out. It worked out good for me. Thanks to Ratsun. -Pidge
  14. pidge

    Hood closing rubbers

    Don’t know what else to call them..on the advice of another member I thought what the heck mine are wrecked. I bought a set of hood cushions labeled for a Datsun Roadster. As I figured they didn’t exactly fit without some preparation. In the end I had to largin the hole to 3/8 to make them fit. Not a big deal in my mind. Got something that dose the job and know ones the wiser. Sorry can’t remember off the top of my mind who suggested these. After makin the hole bigger they fit and the hood rests on them. I’m happy. Thanks to the old school cat that suggested this....I’m happy, it worked!! -Pidge
  15. That looks good man!! -Pidge
  16. Thanks Mike, that’s some good info. I’ve read elsewhere they had lead in gas to help prevent some sorts micro welds from happing on the valve seats and the valve seating surface....I got to do a few more little items that have crept up lately on the 521, but when I do I’ll have a look for the Shell Rotella 10w-30. And your right to assume I don’t plan on driving that truck during the winters here. Thanks man agin for the lesson. -Pidge
  17. Hey guys, I got asked twice now by different people who just got talking to and they both had asked me if I have to run leaded gas. I said I don’t know, I’ve never even gave it a thought. My question, do you guys and gals run an additive in your fuel tank to make the gas leaded? Benefits if there are any?? I hope to god I haven’t ruined something by not adding it. All I e done is fill her up with 93 octane that has no ethanol from Shell. Thoughts from anyone with more insight into this. It’s my 69’ 521 with the big 1300 I’m referring about. Thanks. -Pidge
  18. pidge

    My first datsun

    Looks good Nath96. I like.
  19. 69’ with the small 1300. I like driving slow anyways 😎
  20. pidge

    My Dragon Datsun 521

    Thanks DanielC. That’s some good info on the motors. Great stuff!! -Pidge
  21. Nice truck man!.....if you go to eBay and type “Datsun 521 truck parts” there’s a few on there right now. As I’ve learned recently there were two different patterns of the “checker” design. I believe they both fit, that doesn’t matter, but the look apparently complements the grill for given years if that makes sense. There’s an early version and of course the later version. I didn’t even realize I had one of each up until recently, but yeah have a look on eBay. -Pidge
  22. Sounds like a hell of a deal. We can’t even launch here yet (as far as I know) at public launches. Ontario Canada. -Pidge
  23. Yeah mine didn’t have it (69 521 with the j13) another part I’ll put on the to do list. thanks Milton for the pic. -Pidge
  24. I like it! Looks clean. Any info you can pass along on the lowering job? -Pidge
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