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  1. Your China brand pump may be different, but re-reading my post and going off memory the China pump had “pressed in” ball bearings holding the arm in vs the factory pump which had a pin. I don’t imagine those ball bearings coming out. Did you try the eBay link from the other member that was posted?


  2. As for the fuel door. I had a problem on an old truck of mine doin the same thing...I used one of those tiny very strong magnets and it worked just fine. You can even glue/epoxy one side so it stays in place. You may have to shim the magnet (or shave it) to have the door sit flush so do a test fit before you glue it. 



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  3. Here’s my stock and newly redone....As far as I know it’s a Canadian truck. 















    if the mods could turn the pics correctly please. I don’t know why this happens. Thank you, Pidge

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  4. 4 hours ago, Arifaeth said:

    Okay, cause it bolts on as it should, but the PO welded on a "custom" bracket for the throttle cable, and I wanna get a rebuild kit, but can't find a identification number anywhere, and idk how to add pictures

    Are you using a phone to access this site? That’s all I have and use the “Add Files” option under where I’m writing this. I’m horrible with computers and this works for me. It’s an IPhone if that makes any difference. 


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  5. I’m thrilled, thanks guys for the positive feedback. I wanted to keep the stock look. The shop that did the work has been around for 40+ years I’m told....the green material is from a old roll they had. It’s apparently 1960 Chevy green. The grey is more modern material. 

    edit: I upload my pics from my iPhone. Don’t know why they twist all the time. Apologize for that. 

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  6. Hey fellas, Ive recently pulled off the valve cover to clean the mess of oil that’s been leaking from around the gasket area and to give the cover a fresh look. Ive gone on “New Datsun Parts” to order a gasket, but it comes with an complete gasket kit. There’s  no stock right now and buddy says he’s waiting on some more to come in. I don't need a complete kit right now. I’ve tried searching around and that’s the only place I’ve found beside some place in Australia that I’m sure will kick my butt in shipping. Have any you guys made your own outta cork? If so what thickness did you go with?  The one I pulled off was rock hard. It looked about 3/16” but that was compressed and old. The oil fill cover gasket is in pretty bad shape as well, but not as bad as the valve cover it’s self. I’ve used the black permatex stuff before on diff covers, followed the directions and have had zero leaks. What would you guys suggest is best to do? Buy a sheet of cork, some permatex, or?? Thanks, Pidge















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  7. On 12/26/2020 at 8:31 PM, mrbigtanker said:

    Factory seat. The foam was sewed into the material as they were being made[pleats/tuck and roll depending who you are], it also helped with keeping the stitch from pulling from the material/vinyl. Then of course wrapped around the horse ass hair. If you can get rid of the horse hair do it. What we used to do is pull all apart weld and repair any broken springs and cracks on frame. Then we would wrap the springs with a strong trampoline material[forgot the name of it], then cut foam to your desired shape or keep factory look and then of course final wrap with your choice of material.

    Interesting. Thank you very much. Didn’t know that. 

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  8. On 12/26/2020 at 3:06 PM, mainer311 said:

    Coconut hair I think is original and makes a huge mess. Unfortunately these bench seats have welded springs and not straps. That makes them saggy and super bouncy.

    Wow that’s exactly how it feels Goin down the road.....hit a unsuspecting dip and bucks ya pretty hard. 

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  9. Just outta curiosity from the fellas in the know...dose this look like the factory bench seat top and inner workings? I pulled it last week to get the seat redone. It’s got rips and tears and sags a bunch. Took some pics before I get it done. Was just curious if that’s what it was built with or has it been reupholstered in the past. Under the seat portion it’s got that “straw” material. Behind the back rest it’s got burlap. Thru the tears it’s got foam.   













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