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  1. na i dont need it. just tryin to sell this truck. thanks for the offer though.
  2. well i payed 1200 for it! i have somebody else that might buy it so im waiting on them. But definently not selling it for 200.
  3. yeah its a 5 speed. no im not interested in trades really.. just need the cash. Yes i should be able to tow if local. my number is (903) 717-1317.
  4. Yeah me too! I hope somebody comes and gets it!
  5. yeah let me know if u want it. I gotta get some money for bills!
  6. ok cool sounds good. good luck finding an engine!
  7. I talked to my dad and he said there is a hole in the block and that it threw a rod. So i guess it needs a new block. I dont know exactly what all that means but hopefully it helps you get an idea of cost and such.
  8. would anyone buy it for $400? i really need to sell this thing!! let me now if your interested and we'll work something out.
  9. Yeah there seems to be a ton of Mt. Vernons. Hey thanks alot for the pic help!
  10. Selling my datsun. Its a single-cab long bed with a shiny goldish yellow paint job. its got tinted windows, a radio that works and chrome wheels with just a little bit of rust on them. the tires on it are pretty new also. It broke down on me about 2 years ago so it doesnt run. It probably needs a new engine but im not sure, but the body is in good shape. its got a couple of dings but nothin serious. Im now asking $400 for it. i really need to sell it so i can pay some bills! I live in mount vernon, Tx, 100 miles east of Dallas, Tx. Let me know if your interested! Thanks my bro drivin t
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