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  1. Low620


    You still got the mirror?
  2. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    I'm not sure took it off and saw it was cracked I think someone over-tight the screw and it cracked?! I'm now sure but now I need one! You can feel the difference in point vs electrical
  3. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    Yeah it's the stator... I took the 3 screws off then I saw a crack on the bottom side Of the stator, where the screw goes
  4. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    Any know where I can find one? Or who has one extra? Thanx
  5. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    Opened the distributor up and the Stator is cracked... Will this cause the problem?
  6. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    No it shut off after a few min on. I put in the EI coil hooked it up right turned it on, and it did but then by it self turn right off.... Went it turned off I checked for spark by taking the coil wire off from the cap put it to the block and no spark at all. After a few mins. I checked again and there was spark. Hooked it back in to the cap turned it on then like clock work just turned right off. I need the truck so I put it all back to stock and runs like a champ. So I guess bad distributor?
  7. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    No I took off the EI coil before putting back in the points distributor I have a problem with the match box distributor!
  8. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    Back to points :( well I did all that I could with this match box distributor! It did it again it left my stranded with the new coil! No spark! I checked all ground all power and still no spark! Took it off put in all my old things and runs like a champ! Any thoughs? On how to fix the distributor?
  9. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    Update Ok so I started it just like I had it with stock coil no resister.. Turned on then after a few min. Shut right off. Put it back to stock with resister and turn on then shut right off checked for spark of the coil and no spark on both test. So I took everything off and got the right coil for the match box distributor and checked for spark and man you can see the big difference on the spark! Plugged it in and turned on and stayed on. I guess running it with out a resister burned the coil.
  10. Low620

    620 stereo upgrade

    There is space for sub's..
  11. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    The funny thing is that ones it gets going it won't have a problem starting at all it's just in the morning. But I'll go get a different coil
  12. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    Or just get a EI coil and hook it up? Why would it couse it to drop spark? After I get it going there's no problem.
  13. Low620

    Match box distributor problem?

    No it dies on it's own I'm not even in the car! I turn it on and walk oway to do other things ... I did remove the resister and left the stock coil.. It's starts fine it just dies in the middle of warming up.. I did kind of check for spark but I was in a hurry I took the coil wire from the center of the cap and I cranked it I dint see any spark but then I put it back in and cranked it for a few and it strated was the deal bad distributor?
  14. Ok so I installed a match box distributor on my 620 L16, put it at tdc swap all the spark plugs wires to the new locations, put the timing gun to it started right up! With no problems... Wired it just like the write up took of the resister and hooked up the original coil +to + and - to -. Now the problem started a few days later in the morning, I go and pump the gas to start it and it starts right up has electric choke and it idles high then it will turn off! And it takes time to start it up again never did this with the points distribuor. Is this a problem that people have after changing to match box? Any help please
  15. Low620

    620's UNITE !!!!!!!!!

    I would slam it and put some nice rims but at the same time it looks nice just like that

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