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  1. Jake's working on mend 2.0! Keep a look out on YouTube. Please subscribe mend 2.0


  2. dimetime69

    mklotz70 project MEND

    Jake's putting in some work. He made an account and will put up his links to his YouTube and start a build thread for the truck here.
  3. Yeah it is cheaper. I would just keep your eyes open cause i found the one i got on here for 90 i think and it had one small crack in it. If i would have realized what it was going to cost in the beginning i would have just left it.
  4. just had one recovered at bright auto upholstery in portland. they did an excellent job. Have an extra dash core if you wanted to try that. I will even give it to you.
  5. dimetime69

    ka 24e engine harness

    Just got one!
  6. dimetime69

    Need 1969 510 hood near portland oregon.

    Hey I got a super duper clean one tonight. Thanks to the help of another ratsuner! thanks Eric.
  7. need a good hood that i can clean up and paint, just want to have my louvered hood and a flat one. pm call text whatever you want. 503.421.9575 thanks
  8. dimetime69

    ka 24e engine harness

    I need 1989-1991 ka24e wiring harness. If you have one you are willing to sell pm me thanks Jason
  9. dimetime69

    510 Window Rubber

    Do you sell the cargo window rubber by itself? We've allready purchased the rear window rubber! If you do does it sell for 15a yd as well?
  10. dimetime69

    Why do you guys bother with Datsuns?

    Kami would tell you his chevy is the shit! but hes not gay enough to talk shit about Datsun
  11. dimetime69

    Why do you guys bother with Datsuns?

    Im waiting! Is it gonna take long to "gay bigger" on your friends ass or what not? I want to see more pictures of this spectacular truck! Probably had to go to bed he is only 17
  12. dimetime69

    Why do you guys bother with Datsuns?

    Yep hood popped and door skin hanging off! Probably doesnt have a front driveline either. my guess is that he likes weiner too. I like chevys, anyone on here that knows me knows i have one. still wouldnt dream of being a cocksucker like this guy
  13. Live in Beaverton and would like it if you got it!

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