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  1. OGDatsun

    L20B oil pan removal

    just got done with it I didnt get enough clearance for the pan to come down completely but I did get the gasket replaced! im gonna degunk it tomorrow morning and throw some pics up on the project section! thanks to everyone!
  2. OGDatsun

    L20B oil pan removal

    I spent 20 minutes cleaning the surface I think i might just do what you did if all else fails. Do i need to put a silicone!?!?!?
  3. OGDatsun

    L20B oil pan removal

    maybe if jack it up i can pop that bad boy off. Thanks. Im gonna give it another go today after work. I'll post some pictures of the whole deal.
  4. OGDatsun

    L20B oil pan removal

    I have a little problemo I tried to remove my oil pan to replace a leaking gasket and I had no luck in removing the damn thing. I took off the steering linkage and still didnt have enough to pull it down. if anyone had any pointers please let me know or I'll be posting a craigslist ad to get the damn thing out of my site. thanks!

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