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  1. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    What up guys? It's been a minute I know. So buddy has me selling the truck man:(either way I want to ask you guys what you think it's worth?
  2. Nester6662

    what brand/model camera do you use?

    had the same problem, needed a good camera but did have the funds, HAHA But I asked the same thing at another board. I went with the Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 Megapixels it cost me about 240 with the extended warranty and all the other crap. But you'll find them on ebay cheap. Check it out this is a 1/64 Scale car
  3. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    I tell you guys I just found the perfect rear for this truck today. But Charlie the owner of the Datsun doesn't want to go through the trouble of putting it in there. Well, it's a Dana 70 out of a F250, it get's here tomorrow only 150 bucks and that already include's disc brake's. For that kind of cash he could have it cut down, order axle's, new gears, and new unit and still be under the price it'll cost to buy it straight from the junk yard. He don't want it what can I say, I offered. I'll just use it on my Chevelle.
  4. Nester6662

    My First welder

    So you guys think I made a good or bad decision? I'll tell you why I got this one, cheap and payment plans. LOL! I figured I only need to weld sheet metal so I didn't need any crazy welder. I would of like to get a tig welder and learn with that as well, but boy are they expensive. I think Lincoln make's this welder's parts. Like Miller make's Hobart, not sure just a theory.
  5. Nester6662

    My V8 521 is for sale.

    I want to see pix please.
  6. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    The rear in the truck now is about 50'' I think we would need a 47'' rear, I can't remember the numbers right now. What was the size on the rear in the Ranger?
  7. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    My neighbors are crazyier than we are. LOL They were asking us to burn the tire's off. Nope it's a old school 8'' rear. That's why were not even worried about it. I belive that rear won't hold up to "The Foot" :lol:
  8. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    Ya he doesn't want to cut down the rear yet. He does have a 10 bolt off an Impala in the backyard, or I even have a extra 12 bolt he can have. He wants to see what happens first and see if it'll hold the power the rear that is. Glad you guys liked it. It was overheating, I had got a video from inside the truck but we had to turn back around and take her home. I promise I'll get you cats that video soon.
  9. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    This is for you guys LOL!
  10. Nester6662

    Poulsbo J/Y report

    What's the green car next to the truck? Is that a Caddy?
  11. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    Those video's are of the truck running open header. The exhaust didn't make much of a difference. Sleeper? Sure maybe some other time. Are you talking about this? A 73 Jensen Healy SBC 327.
  12. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

  13. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    Yo guys we got it on the road today and slap the new turn downs on it. I got a few video's as well. I'll post the links in a minute the take forever to load. BTW, no nitrous the plate didn't fit. I guess we need to go fogger now. Sleeper MY @$$ that thing's copping like a retard.
  14. Nester6662

    521 Sleeper

    Well, I started like that cause a few people on other boards got offended by it. But I guess they didn't have the sense that some us do. We didn't cut it up, might as well run with it. BTW, guy's I'm so PI$$&D off. You believe after all that dam work that intake was to tall and didn't clear? I'll take pix tomorrow for ya.

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