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  1. blueghost510

    74 620 ignition clam shell

    Think I have one for a 78, let me check. Not sure if this one will work on a 78 or not. Ryan
  2. blueghost510

    Matching 620 door and ignition lock set

    Is a smoking deal. Wondering if I can use the door locks, and ignition on my 510 and just have a different key for the trunk.
  3. blueghost510

    74 620 ignition clam shell

    Dude my garage is a 620 wrecking yard! Trying to get some of this shit out. haha
  4. blueghost510

    Subaru clutch pack 3.90 LSD

    No, Sold this. Sorry should have updated.
  5. blueghost510

    Matchbox Dizzy with pedestal

    To the top. $75 plus shipping.
  6. Just posted on Craigslist 240 obo for the pair. Only selling as a pair. See images at this link. http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/pts/3785468830.html
  7. blueghost510

    74 620 ignition clam shell

    To the top
  8. blueghost510

    WTB good L20 bottom end

    Put a nut over it, weld a bead or two on the inside remove the bolt.
  9. blueghost510

    620 Bezel 120 Shipped

    Bump $100 shipped.
  10. blueghost510

    620 chrome grill!!!

    I do.
  11. blueghost510

    1969 510 metal pillar vents

    Sold. Please remove/lock this one up
  12. blueghost510

    620 chrome grill!!!

    Exactly like that one! Thanks.
  13. blueghost510

    620 Bezel 120 Shipped

    A little bit... But sounds like you have the pressing urge to "enlighten" me. Lol $120 OBO better?
  14. blueghost510

    Complete working 620 ac unit.

    Including comp brackets. Mounted on driver side. Pm me with your email, and I can send pictures that way
  15. blueghost510

    Complete working 620 ac unit.

    Think they have freon substitutes to recharge your system at shucks and autozone.

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