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  1. They don't make an EMS for a S15 yet. is on the works they say. Im running a Apexi Power FC -Jretro on the car right now
  2. LOL thanks a lot man. Good to see you here also
  3. I have to update list. Celica is gone bought a 1976 bmw 2002 that you see on the pics, Sold that also. Now just my subaru and the datsun. Got any pics of your other cars?
  4. Din't forget about you guys. This was a long project and took a lot time and headaches. Did a full off-frame restoration, Frame sandblasted and powdercoated, body Media blasted and fixed all rust problems, Got every single bolt nut and washer New. My friend does carbonfiber and did a custom hardtop for me. (the only one in existence)
  5. Thank You Dalsun, Yes its fun…. :devil: :angel:
  6. It's been a while since I was here with my old 69 datsun. Well here is the newest Version of it, This is a fully Restores 1968. After a long restoration on car finally she is done. Made some big moves, It was featured on Superstreet and also on Speedhunters. Also Picked up some good sponsors now. here some pics: Long time no post here but here the latest pics. check speedhunters for more pictures and full feature on car. Last picture is from Super street magazine on their 5 page feature [url=http://s127.photobucket.com/user/emilyssite_photos/media/2B8K7828lighter_zpsdf3d9b44.jpg.html][/ Here the link to Speedhunters feature, Make sure you check all 3 chapters http://www.speedhunters.com/2013/10/...a-turbo-twist/
  7. Yea car is almost done. Sorry I dont want to de-rail this thread
  8. this year the car was in twousands of pieces cause the restoration, I was there last year and planing this new year. I'll keep you in mind iif I decide to sell them
  9. thanks, not for sale at the moment... I do roll with them, I know Clive :-)
  10. I have a set 15x11" rears and I would not powder coat them. Remember this wheels are getting very hard to get, If anything do plastidip like someone say before.
  11. Thank you guys, Here a new picture from last nite. I got my little one (2 years old) a antique metal car for Christmas I'm doing a replica of my car for him, flares, I got an racing gokart frame that I'm using for that and swaping a Ruckus engine on it. Wish everyone a merry Christmas!
  12. Yea Skib I saw you on 311, congrats
  13. Hey guys It's ben a while but here I am again. Long history short the 69 datsun that you guys saw a couple years ago it was in bad shape (lots of rust) I twisted the frame on it. Well a year ago I decided to do a full restoration on a new one this one is a '68 here a few pics: the old one the new frame sandblasted and powdercoated Every bolt nut and washer is new on the car frame was re-inforced to prevent me to twist this one... The ONLY carbonfiber hard top on the world! A buddy of mine did this for me Body was sandblasted also, here a pic after all the bodywork on it Front was made in to one piece, very easy to remove New brake upgrade On the way to shop my 1976 bmw 2002 and datsun finally meet at shop '67 dash conversion custom gauges made ( you can see the datsun logo on them) massive 2 piece rotors and engine bay
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