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  1. Hopefully I'll be ta king it to a sheet metal guy this week. To have the firewall, tunnel and possible a new floorpan installed.
  2. Tried on pc and phone with same result
  3. First one is a start. Second just a walk around.
  4. http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb226/jeremy_crager/Datsun%20Pics/FILE3437_zps349fb348.mp4 http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb226/jeremy_crager/Datsun%20Pics/FILE3438_zps3a23a4d1.mp4
  5. Awesome work man. Glad to see one of us making some progress. Hopefully my firewall, Trans tunnel, and floor pans will be getting done sometime this month. Have you run the engine yet? I posted a video of mine on the SLOW620 thread. But no one seemed interested.
  6. Thanks a ton man I really really appreciate it.
  7. Cool man. If its any problem don't worry about it. I was just wondering. Cause I'm doing something similar
  8. Bory, you wouldn't happen to know the part# of the seal you used on your steering shaft would you?
  9. I get this message when I try to post video. You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  10. Guess I'm am idiot cause everytime I do that it post the first pic in the album instead of the video
  11. I live in a small town called State Line. About an hour and a half north of pascagoula.
  12. Ive went to two places that supposedly specialize in bearings and such. They said that they cant match it to anything. I found them on the web on some japanese site. But it looked pretty shady.
  13. Do any of you have or know where I can get the bearings that go inside the steering gear? Hell, I'll buy the whole unit of one of you have a good and tight one.
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