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  1. 71sun510

    almost finished pic update

    thats how i got the car still need to find stock lights and another lip and interior
  2. 71sun510

    almost finished pic update

    thanks i will post more after the meet
  3. sorry pic's took so long but here it is hope you guy like it
  4. 71sun510

    2nd Norcal Japanese Classic Car Meet 4/23/11

    just making sure this is for tomorrow
  5. 71sun510


    Thank got it all fixed just gave the old fuse box a clean and put new fuse in a it all worked
  6. 71sun510


    My car was fine but my battery flipped over in the trunk and it all started my car still crank and turns on but headlight int. Light don't turn on not even my volt meter
  7. 71sun510


    no im not 19 and im doing to be diffrent and in not going to start it and make it go to waist beacause the car is in the body shop getting paint so i would have to finish no mater what and my friiend done some wird swap but there a little more commen so its ether ls1 or cobra motor i get them for cheap he only charging me $300 for him to put it inb and do custom mounts
  8. 71sun510


    what do u guys think or know about swaping a ls1 in a 510 datsun
  9. 71sun510

    new user and new datsun owner

    thanks cant wait to get it back
  10. 71sun510

    new user and new datsun owner

    Motor l18 dual 45 webers long tube headers
  11. 71sun510

    new user and new datsun owner

    Thanks everyone not sure how to do it off my iPhone but they will be up soon
  12. just picked up my 1971 datsun 510 happy as could be i feel rith at home pic will be up later

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