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  1. Could you do $600 shipped to 31632? . . . . . . . .
  2. DatLuv

    280 zx eibach lowering springs

    Yeah those fronts look to be far too small of a diameter to be 280zx springs.
  3. DatLuv

    16 x 9 +15 4x114 8 Wheels

    No center caps?
  4. DatLuv

    Luggage rack ideas???

    Craigslist. Rola basket with Yakima 1A's.
  5. Only experience I have ever had was one rainy night I was driving home and saw a truck in the ditch vertical to the road (which isn't uncommon because people will unload four wheelers and things in that manner in the ditch) but at 12am in the rain? No. Turns out the truck had flipped about three times and rode the treeline before ending up like it was and the drivers side door hit a tree and jammed, she was freaking the hell out and screaming her head off but then the girl heard my voice and recognized me, knew my name and everything. Her feet were lodged into the pedals somehow, the dash was just kind of sitting on her lap, and she had a cut on her head so I called the police and just waited there calming her down till they came. Ended up being a girl I had class with 2 years before. The sad part is I saw at least 7-8 cars pass me before I got there and they hadn't stopped. I would show you pics of the truck but facebook just changed and you can't link pictures from there anymore, or at least I haven't figured out how to.
  6. DatLuv

    Z Car Threat

    We all know who won that war.
  7. DatLuv

    Datsun 510 parts

    Can you ship the springs? If so let me know how much shipped to 31632. Thanks for your time.
  8. DatLuv

    WTF super mega ricer!

    It must depend on the division manager, here you never go to Autozone A) Because it will take forever and a day for them to get around to helping you and B ) They are all complete morons who know nothing about cars no matter what store you go to. But then again I work at the best Advance store in our division which stretches from Tifton to Madison Florida and the other Advance store is within the top 5 I believe.
  9. DatLuv

    WTF super mega ricer!

    You work at Autozone you should be used to moron ricers. (This is coming from and Advance employee haha) But yeah I love the DIYers that really shouldn't be doing it at all.
  10. Pardon my ignorance but is this a relay box? And does it come with a cover?
  11. DatLuv

    need some work done

    Yeah, those damn things break all the time!
  12. DatLuv


    I like their racks.
  13. DatLuv

    510 Turbo Exhaust Manifold - on Ebay

    I c what he did there... He set a reserve after the first auction didn't go like planned.
  14. Wow... That video is amazing.

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