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    I’ve had the unfortunate luck of idiot drivers. I’m in need of the passenger side rear quarter panel, and drivers side rear door, for my 1972 wagon. Don’t want to bondo the damage. The door could be a problem to have shipped so I’d take the cutout of the outer skin. That’s all I really need, the rest of my door is fine. I’m located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Willing to pay shipping.


    New Orleans, Louisiana - US

  2. I'd rather talk to brickwalls sometimes.

    1. Braden


      i do sometimes, all they say is....

    2. nismo dr

      nismo dr

      I thought the beauty of glory holes was that you didn't have to talk

  3. My parents had one of these things. It was recalled due to fire issues. We never had any problems with it, we even had a LeBra for it; I remember having to put in on and take it off as a kid. In the end my parents took Nissan up on their offer. And yea; we had some family friends with the Toyota version, it was almost an exact duplicate. They kept the Toyota long after we got rid of the Nissan. I loved it and it's drink cooling capabilities. I remember feeling so luxurious riding in that thing with that cooler; great on road trips.
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