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  1. NSRz32

    L20B swap questions (into a 521)

    Also, any recommendations on an internally regulated alternator (Rock auto maybe) and electronic distributor?
  2. NSRz32

    L20B swap questions (into a 521)

    Awesome thanks so much guys. I'll modify the trans mount and shifter plate for sure, that's simple enough. It looks like there should be a pretty straightforward swap.
  3. Picked up an L20B for my 71 521 which is an L16 truck. Have the 5spd trans and all accessories as it was a full drop out from a 78 truck. Anyway, search makes it seem to be a pretty straight forward swap, any advice on little things I'll need or things that aren't compatible? Thanks in advance
  4. NSRz32

    fiberglass parts

    Did anything ever become of the fiberglass dash top? Id buy one in a heartbeat for my 521.
  5. NSRz32

    1970 datsun 521 J15 rat rod barn find

    Nice truck!!! Good luck with it.
  6. NSRz32

    521 front lower lip?

    I'll post up some tonight after work. Haven't had it out of the garage from winter projects yet but it fit pretty nice and I've got a couple decent cell phone snaps
  7. NSRz32

    521 front lower lip?

    I'm running a VW mk1 front lip on mine. Fit up pretty nice actually
  8. NSRz32

    Ratsun vinyl decals

    K sent him a PM. Hope it's the same Tristan lol Many thanks
  9. NSRz32

    Ratsun vinyl decals

    Really? What hosers. I'll stick with the forums then :)
  10. NSRz32

    Ratsun vinyl decals

    Posted up on the Facebook page with no luck so here goes... I'm looking to buy a black rat/wrenches vinyl decal to throw on my spun aluminum fuel cell for an upcoming show. Who here makes them that I can buy one or two from? Thanks in advance guys!
  11. NSRz32

    What's the meaning behind your user name?

    NSRz32 NSR = NorthShoreRacing which is my small business z32 = my Z car love and a car I've owned for 15 years and wanted since they day they came out
  12. NSRz32

    New guy with 42 year old garage find

    That's awesome! Great find
  13. Nice! I'll definitely do that! Both the front and rear decals are gone. I'll take close pics and get measurements :) Thanks!
  14. Been looking at this sweet pedal car at an antiques store for the last three years. Finally negotiated a deal that the seller and myself were happy with. Its a 1960 Mori Datsun Fairlady pedal car. Apparently brought over to the states by a military member after his service. Its 99% there and I just need to get a fender mirror for the passenger side, hopefully locate a windscreen for it and get a couple new emblems made. Here it is as it sat in the antiques store. Paint was pretty rough and had mold set in. Disassembled it today and cleaned and buffed the body, polished everything up and fixed a couple minor things Rear view Definitely a unique addition. Think I'm gonna toss on a JNC jaf style decal too For reference heres the 1960 Fairlady its based off of, pretty close for what it is :)
  15. NSRz32

    521 Gallery

    Thanks! They're ZG flares that I worked to fit up to the body quite nicely :)

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