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    Vancouver, British Columbia - CA

  2. Well, I've been a little busy. Lot's of crap happening, but anyhow I've got a garage now and hope to do a few things soon. I'll post some under the hood photos soon. Still hope to go to discs but now my finances have gotten a little tight. I may just have to do some less ambitious things, like seats and seat-belts and work on fixing the radio (although I kind of love the engine sound).
  3. Been daily driving the truck and it's great. I haven't done much to the truck. I installed a stock radio, modded to play an iPod, connected to a pioneer 6x9. Had some issues with the install, the sound was terrible in the end, and the way the iPod mod worked I couldn't turn the volume down low enough. The truck never had a radio, so no antenna. Some how the stereo just didn't feel right, so I pulled it. Back to stock radio delete panel. Two days ago the truck failed AirCare (the BC gov't emissions test) blowing too much CO while driving, fine at idle. I figure it's a stuck power valve, it seem
  4. Don't get out much anymore. Started skating in '86, went hard until about 2000, then 3 broken wrists in two years (twice left, once right) and not being able to miss work and such. Just gettin' old I guess. But I still like to get out to session a curb now and again. That old ratbones logo would go pretty well with a ratsun logo, me thinks.
  5. Got this 1975 Datsun dealer info binder for $0.50 at a garage sale. Kinda neat.
  6. No, not in a race. It's a stock-ish 521. Stopped at a light right beside a Gallardo (not that uncommon in Vancouver, rich fuckers). Guy is walking across the street in front of us, stops takes a long look and then says "Nice fuckin' truck!". Fuckin' awesome. That guy spends spends $150 000? on his car and I get the props. Had a huge smile on my face for the next two days.
  7. Just hopped through this for the past half hour (hoping to spot my truck (no luck (ooh, nested brackets!))) and I just have to say I haves to move me to Oregon! It's like 90% of the remaining Datsuns in North America are there. I think I've seen maybe 2 other Datsuns in the past year here. Also that 1st gen Maxima on pg 141 with the blacked out high beams is SWEEEET! I've never really liked those until I saw that one.
  8. Yowza. I just read through this and I am impressed. Talk about determination, I might have given up after 3 engines. Then again I don't drive my truck at 120mph! And this comment from Bleach had me laughing pretty hard. " Why would people in costumes always be going to Autozone?" That's from page 3. Anyway, looking good, keep it up.
  9. Thanks, there were a bunch of holes down there already, and that one was the perfect size. Nice and out of the way. Still haven't had a chance to figure out a better place for the power wire, but hopefully tomorrow.
  10. Yeah, I've always used the lighter before, but unfortunately the lighter is not connected. The ignition switch is different than what I am used to. It has on and ignition to the right (clockwise) of off, and then a position to the left of off, I guess that is the accessory position?
  11. Oh, and I know I need to find a proper place to hook up that power wire, but now I can sleep tonight!
  12. Ok, so I feel like an idiot, but a happy idiot! Here are the connections Re-checked and re-tightened the battery connections and voila! He fired right up. Reconnected the stereo to the battery, and it's good. Shitty oic, I know but that red wire is the stereo power. I know you can't hear it but this is a '72 Datsun playing an iPod through a stock radio. Sounds great! And heres a oic of happy Gus. Thanks guys!
  13. Yes. I disconnected the stereo wire from the battery, tightened the battery connections, but same thing.
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