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  1. Other than pissed, what state are you in? I'm Brisbane Qld. Nice work :thumbup:
  2. Really like the blue, mine is 1995 M3 BMW blue, looks similar in the pics. Well done so far on the build. B)
  3. Hello Dennis, I would take if you are willing to post to Australia at my expense 4 bronze 510's, 4 blue 510's & 4 black 510's. Let me know and I will Paypal you or mail you some cash U.S or better still Aussie dollars, the exchange rate at the moment is $ 1.05 Aus to the U.S dollar. Thanks Dennis Steven M. P.S How hard are the 510 wagons in the boulevard range to find, I would pay someone good money for 1/2 a dozen of these.
  4. Do you have any of the blue Datto's that came out couple of years ago, I missed getting any blue 102 themed cars, am willing to swap red ones for a few blue ones? I am based in Brisbane.
  5. Someone please put your hand up and buy this great piece of history, are you allowed to do a BRE colour scheme, is there any copy right issues doing that. OR some of the European car colours look pretty good.
  6. Look's good guys, well done! Another great save.
  7. As Ratwagon 1600 posted above, if anyone wants to help out us Aussie's. I am sure we would make it worth your while to purchase and post out to Australia the Hot Wheels new Boulevard Datsun Wagon, and also the Vintage Racing "John Morton's" BRE Datsun 510. We have not received either car here in Australia. "Hook" a fellow Datsun brother up.
  8. New 510 wagons have hit the stands, anyone seen or picked any up?
  9. Guys, out of interest, what price in the United States do you pay for the Vintage Hot Wheels BRE Datto's ? Here they want on Ebay around $20 plus postage from America ? Is that right? Thanks Steven. Go The Datto's
  10. Hey, Ratwagon, what state are you here in Australia? Would like to swap a blue 16 for a couple of the the new grey 510 series 2012 that have just landed. Give me a message if you like, I,m in Brisbane. I have a 1600 4 door sedan and a wagon.
  11. Thanks for the info, we sit down this Thursday and work out our new arrangements. With the parts you are after it's the 210 model you are playing with is that correct. If so we call it a 1200 i.e sedan 4door, wagon 4door, coupe and a rare import 2door sedan. Are there any wreckers or pull a part yards in the islands.
  12. Love the aged weathered metal look, somthing different. And those rear feet on the car fantastic. Shit hot!
  13. Your son looks so happy with the lady's. So the build did pull more than just looks.
  14. It's what a monster truck would look like at birth. That is, If trucks could give birth.
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