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  1. Cmac

    Narrowed rear control arms

    If you are going Fab the rear control arms I would look into using the s13/s14 rear axle bearing. 4 or 5 lug options, 930 cv options and factory set up. The weak link is the stub axle assembly. Looking forward to see what you guys end up making as always.
  2. Cmac

    MrBigTanker got a wagon now.Oh boy.

    First head is a p11 sr20de VVL. Second is a P12 primavera sr20de vvl. The P12 valve cover will bolt onto a P11 head and is a common swap. These two head swaps onto a sr20det are very well documented on the net.
  3. Cmac

    "Datsunami" 510 SR23DET S14 Build.... SR-TITTY-THREE!

    Per your face book request for front end part numbers. Also look at DP racing idler arm bushing kit part # 224-2100 MOOG PART # FOR STEERING LINKS – ES458S – ES458S – ES483R – ES486L – ES489R – ES487L
  4. Cmac

    510 Whole Car Rewire Mess

    This looks to be an amazing option for a fuse box nice find.
  5. Cmac

    Cmac's 510

    Oil breather on the 510 is plastic not so good for a turbo application. Right is one taken from a later model Nissan steering box - no longer available from the dealer or at least was not when I checked 6 months ago.
  6. Cmac

    Cmac's 510

    Damage caused by rocker arm keeper sticking to rod bolt and hitting the bottom of cylinder. Busted the bottom of # 4 piston. Block has been maganafluxed checks out and is currently at the machine shop waiting its turn in line.
  7. Cmac

    Cmac's 510

    LSD Update S14 stub axles C clip notch is to be installed on the Stub axle TSR 930 stub Axles not C lip notch is for clip to be installed in the Differential Differential rebuilt by http://www.differentials.com/ Os giken super lock Bolts required to install ring gear 12mm bolts OS giken uses a 13mm hole note shoulder.
  8. Cmac

    Cmac's 510

    Mazda MX6 fuel filler mod photos. Not sure if I had posted this on this build thread and was asked on another. Flaw - breather tube should not be bent down not allowing fumes to escape. 1/4 inch rubber gasket to seal body to pipe. Rubber connector / transition in also from MX6 and fits stock tank.
  9. http://www.spintechmufflers.com/oval-tubing/oval-elbows/vertical-oval-elbows/3-oval-90a-elbow-hard-way/prod_181.html Josh not sure if you have seen this but it may help if your plan does not. Keep up the great work.
  10. Cmac

    Cmac's 510

    Well after that last post I drove the car again and it all happened again. I have pulled the motor and trans out of the car and dissembled the motor to find 2 shims in the oil pan and a broken piston skirt on #4 piston. On the head 2 valves need to be changed were the rockers ? mushroomed the tops a bit. As of now I am collecting parts. The oil pump was backordered for a couple months now that that is in the pile of parts I need to decide on the pistons. They are going to be CP's but I am on the fence on wether to use VE or DET .
  11. Its nice that you have found the aftermarket u joint to fit the 510 box. Who made it and do you have a part number ? Car is looking good !
  12. Cmac

    Paul's 69 2 Door project

    http://www.3m.com/product/information/Roloc-Bristle-Disc.html Another great alternative to the wire wheel. without the flying wire pieces. Great work on the quarter panel replacement.
  13. The brake lines were removed from my 2 door see project listed on this site. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/28226-cmacs-510/ Masters are used for a 4 wheel disk conversion

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