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  1. thanks for the reply cwhip!! ill check it out!
  2. Hey yall, im in search of the Japanese slim chrome bumpers for my datsun b310 anybody know wheres a good place to start looking? thanks!
  3. Thank you RATSUN for being so great and full of information, its been 9 years since i first signed up and so glad ive found this forum! Thank you too all the Admins and Mods and memebers of Ratsun for everything you do!!!! 



  4. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    currently how shes sits relaxing with her younger sister (k20 eg) ,,, stay tuned for more cool updates 😎
  5. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    Yes they are, currently working on a running 1/2" lines, ?
  6. H165 should be okay, but I've broken mine with stock ka, must of been a worn out h165 lol
  7. Has anyone come across the analog clock for 79 cluster?
  8. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    Still alot left to do...
  9. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    What would you guys like to see? Anything specific, any specific questions i can answer (:
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