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  1. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    Thank you!
  2. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    Yes they are, currently working on a running 1/2" lines, 🍻
  3. 80datson

    ka24de 210

  4. 80datson

    ka24de 210

  5. 80datson

    ka24de 210

  6. 80datson

    1981 b310 ka24de swap

    H165 should be okay, but I've broken mine with stock ka, must of been a worn out h165 lol
  7. 80datson

    1979 Datsun 210 clock

    Has anyone come across the analog clock for 79 cluster?
  8. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    Still alot left to do...
  9. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    What would you guys like to see? Anything specific, any specific questions i can answer (:
  10. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    "you're goddamn right" -W.W. I will get some Uploads going tomorrow i owe you guys, Still need alot of stuff to be done IMO.
  11. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    Who wants an update!!!1??? 🙌
  12. 80datson


  13. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    yo, not too much progress lately, just been really busy with work! :p but i still got it and plan to start working on it sometime soon!, probably in june/july when the summer hits and the nights will be hot, then i will pull all nighters then, but its almost there just trying to perfect my finaly draft :) stay tuned,,
  14. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    heres my z32 trans, looks beefy hope it fits lol
  15. 80datson

    ka24de 210

    no worries just misunderstanding with which VG, which i didnt make clear lol. but your right about the z31 trans, same as ka/sr but 90-96 z32 has a much beefy trans, which i plan to swap in soon

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