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  1. nice! they look like some nice quality are you overall happy with them? i plan on getting some soon! did you get the street or race versions?
  2. Where can i find JDM bumpers for 210 B310? please help me find them!!


  3. Time Left: 18 days and 12 hours

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    Im looking for the jdm bumpers for the b310 can anybody please help me find them!!


  4. use stock 02-04 RSX-S harness and a convertion harness to save money its really simple.. and also you can make your own charge harness its all very easy once you look into it! and Great job its looking great!!! Also let me know if you need a map for your kpro i got a SPICY tune for it, i ran it when i was stock all motor k20a2, night and day difference vs the preload maps.. now im boosted
  5. same here! yes its pretty messed up and sad what went on, ive actually been to Cambodia 2 times and visted the killing fields,
  6. thats badass! so its a like a protection scroll, most of my family escaped the Khmer Rouge as well.
  7. keep up the hard work! this is coming out sick!!!!!! is that thai tattoo on your arm?
  8. 80datson

    Honda powered?

    sweeet thank you!
  9. 80datson

    Honda powered?

    nice! do you have pics?
  10. 80datson

    Honda powered?

    this is true but, may I leave this here for you to watch :]
  11. could be your ignition, maybe try cleaning off the connections?
  12. I love ratsun.net

    1. Draker


      ratsun.com is a blank page. you mean net? 😀

  13. 80datson

    Honda powered?

    which would you think would be more reliable in the long run?
  14. 80datson

    Honda powered?

    yes those are nice and what not but, k20a2 with slight mods and a tune can easily touch 230hp stock, I did consider getting a j32 with type s head, but again im looking to cut weight out of the 210, and the cast iron block ka24de is outdated to me, its 2020 time for a new journey for the lil 210
  15. 80datson

    Honda powered?

    yes, but im thinking about ditching the ka24det and put something that's 2.0 and aluminum block, so im considering putting in k20a2 with bmw trams, vet would be really nice but for the money I would spend just to convert to VET, I don't think I can afford that haha
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