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  1. victory

    BRE and trip to vegas

    That's cool!
  2. victory


  3. victory

    Oldy but a goodie for a youngster

    I love it!
  4. victory

    Oldy but a goodie for a youngster

    I'm thinking the car should be all sanded when I go out to the shop today because I sanded it all night in my sleep. LOL!
  5. victory

    Oldy but a goodie for a youngster

    Sorry boys! No updates today! I had other things to do today. I have a real job! LOL!
  6. victory

    Oldy but a goodie for a youngster

    All in a days work! This ones for you atom church!
  7. victory

    Rustina 510 emergency surgery

    Glad to hear that!
  8. victory

    Pare Composites Candle light vigil

    The Guy was arrested and confessed to everything. But they haven't started the trial yet
  9. victory

    my friend is gone

    Sorry for your loss. I know its not easy!
  10. victory

    Rustina 510 emergency surgery

    OMG! Not another friend in the hospital. I hope for a quick recovery for you. I will be praying for the best. There has been proof that the no Carb no sugar diet works. Cancercells need carbs and sugar without it cancer can't survive.
  11. victory

    "The Keeper"

    I had a great time! Soo cool how that worked out!
  12. victory

    Phoenix Swap Meet October 27th

    I want to see pics of what we missed! anyone take pics? Remember pics or it didnt happen!
  13. victory

    1972 Datsun 510 suprise

    Wow! I havent been in the shop lately, I feel like i have missed soo much! Ha Ha, keep up the good work!
  14. victory

    Alex's red 4 door

    :rolleyes:Nice possitive comments! The possitive coments is what keeps us all motivated! if it were not for the comments nobody would want to post anything on Ratsun :rolleyes:

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