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  1. Watching it now and they bought a 510 off some guy named James who's got 510s all over his property. I'm pretty sure I've been to James house yearrrrss ago maybe a couple of times.
  2. im not too sure they can handle 500 horse? i know the r200 is big and heavy but id rather have something that can handle abuse, i gave some thought about a solid axle 4 link but dont want to butcher the car, i want to keep the IRS. i still dont know what my intentions for this build are lol, all i know is i have a nice motor and a good platform the start with.
  3. Whats up fellas, im going crazy from doing all this research on installing a R200 into a 510.. Ive had the car for over 10 years not knowing my goals for it doing little work here and there and ive had enough,time to get it going. I built a ka24det for a buddy of mine early this year dynoed at 426whp and 392 torque @ 22 psi on 93 octane. it has room for more and eventually plan on tying to get close to the 500 club. He wrecked the car and since then has moved to India to write his thesis statement for his Ph.D... smart fucker and his family's loaded.. he pretty much just gave me the car and i
  4. Bringing this back from the dead.. how did this work for you..? My buddy just pulld the exact same coilovers from his s13 and said I can have them..
  5. is there any way to modify the stock 510 sway bar to work with a KA? has it been done?
  6. Whats Up fellow datsuners!! i need some help.. im not too sure what to do? i have a 71 510 im building.. its almost done and ready for the road... the problme is that the Title i got with the car was sighned and dated in 2006 from the original owner.. i bought it off a guy who bought it off the original owner with a sighned and dated bill of sale... im dumb and never regersterd it since it was a project.. what do i do know?? the car is lagit.. can i type up a fake bill of sale and register it that way?? the car was last registerd in 2003?? and im in California..
  7. whats up guys!!! anyone here do a Ka swap in a 510 and use all Auto meter gauges?? this is the last step and ill be able to get my car on the road but im lost!! Im not sure what ones to get... i know some gauges have a certain ohms?? and i need certain fittings...??? i just need the basic for now until i get all the KA-T parts... so a Tach with shift light,speedo,Volt,oil,fuel and temp... i think thats about it... i just dont know what else i need to order or it thrs special fittings or sensor...ect.. i need to do this.. so if anyone has experience please chime in...
  8. check his thing out!! http://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/2981850673.html
  9. is there instructions? on how to do it? im going to order mine tomorrow..
  10. has anyone used the stock 510 MC with 280zx disk in front and maxima calipers in the rear??
  11. about the R200's im sooooo freaken confused!!! i did my research and my head is spinning from reading for hours... so ill ask... is there an aftermarket CLSD i can BOLT IN to a long nose R200?? if so what options are available aftermarket? also i spoke to Todd from Wolf Creek Racing he said any Long Nose R200 will work with there kit.?? and to make sure i dont go LSD and stick with CLSD.... basically im looking for the simplest way to have a R200 with a Limited Slip compatible with Wolf Creek or Troy CV conversion.....
  12. Thanks for the info brotha.. i guess ill just strip the whole rear end and just bring it home?? compare the 510s with the 300zx.. ya i have a fully built KA-T in the car i just built.. not to sure what kind of number im looking at but im hoping for something close to 400??
  13. Whats up guys.. before someone says SEARCH!!!.. i did.. researched for weeks.. so basically i found a 88 300zx turbo and i read those have a R200 LSD?? im taking it for sure.. but i also read the 280zx and older 300zx Trailing arms bolt up to the rear X-member of the 510 but stick out more.. no prob for me ill be going with Flares.. so this leaves me to believe i should be able to take the Diff,Trailing arms with Disk brakes and axles and bolt them up with none or little modification??
  14. guys.... my brother said he would drive it... i punched him in the dick.
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