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    WTB Need To Buy 240Z eccentric cam washer Pretty much says it all. I need the offset washer that connects to the front of the cam that the fuel pump arm runs against. Anybody have one? Thnx


    Los Angeles, California - US

  2. Yeah, I know, but it has more to do with free time than $. I rebuilt a few Falcons in my younger days so I know the straight 6 is pretty bullet proof. Well if I don't get to it by the time this job ends Maybe . . . . In the mean time, thanks for the link to the z club and sunrise in glendale. There is a Z guy on the west side but Glendale is closer so that's better Van Nyes isn't out of the question either. Thanks Gang, M
  3. Greetings all, I have a 1972 240Z which has a blown head gasket and has set for a while, probably seized. Can anyone recommend someone in the Los Angeles Area to help me? Thanks
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