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  1. Since I first posted this I have been making quite a bit of progress on my own 510. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQDvd-3-xoIm43kkpGAS0w
  2. It is generic peel and stick that is very similar to what it is. You rock for some reason I just could not find the right search terms to find it. Thanks dude
  3. All I have asked this before, but couldn't find the answer. Does anyone know where to get this? The passenger's side has none and I really like the 70/80s vibe it brings to the car. Let me know if anyone know where to buy a set. This is my car when I first bought it, much less rusty now.
  4. The front piece is in now, and The car can literally fly in the air*! I cut the metal out, bent it into shape, cut out some plug weld holds and slapped it into place and fused two metal together using the hot stick better known as a MIG welder. *Disclaimer: It cannot literally fly in the air. .
  5. I am a couple weeks behind I have the passenger's side complete, and now I have moved on to the driver's side!
  6. My dad drove B210s and 210s as an oil well checker. They were the first car I ever drove. On top of that, I saw the Z at summer camp when I was 14 and fell in love. I bough one at 16, and still own her.
  7. Dang brother sorry to hear. Prayers for you and yours.
  8. Definitely making progress on this thing. I got quite a bit more cut out then my angle grinder died 😞
  9. Very similar to the way that I am repairing it. One of many. I am pretty much done with panels on this car. I have seen the great work they are doing, it is great to have another source of parts. Most of the parts were purchased from FutoFab before I even picked up this project ( Previous owner had grand plans that didn't work out) I actually only bought the trunk drop panels and rear arches. The fender panels and rockers came with the car. The floor boards were made by a guy that is here on this site.
  10. Well now we tackle this front rust! This frame will be fixed!
  11. I am a hugger so this is not at all a bad thing for me.
  12. I was at High Plains when. I had a faster guy behind me and forgot what my pace should be and entered a turn about 20nph faster than my skill would allow. I ended up off the track and in the dirt. Keep crushing it dude.
  13. Next video is up in tis video I adjusted the seat mounts and the CLK seat rails to fit into the Datsun. I started by thinking I was going to just put the seats on the old rails, but the mounts were much longer (They are the correct width), but that would have extended the back of the seat way past the back of the mount causing a large amount of leverage on the mount itself. so I devised a simple extension which allowed me to bring the excess forward on the seat, instead of backwards into the back seat. This wasn't a very hard project day, but was nice to see the new seats in the ca
  14. 3800, and a hug. Seriously though would love to know if he decides on a price and what that is, assuming you don't buy it from him when he settles on the price.
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