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  1. Working on shrinking down the heat shield...
  2. But not worried about the oil pan that is lower? ?
  3. Thanks! I put the frontend on. Still waiting for the repop buckets so I'll replace those when they get here. I went with a different variation on the grill paint... It looks fucking amazing ? I'll add this so we get the front to back....
  4. Raise your hand if deep down you thought this car would end up in the scrap yard??...... ??
  5. I kinda like the color contrast. Maybe I'll keep it this way... Only if it annoys thisismatt... ??
  6. Waiting on delivery of fuel door bumpers, quarter window latches and headlight buckets. I'm also on the hunt for some nice side vents... I'm awaiting the firmed up date to put the headliner in and then windows can go back in... lot's to do but it's moving fast.
  7. Thanks! I finally put a badge on her ? Also installed the fuel system, trunk and trunk seal... mounted the fender/valance, test fit the bumper...Hood is on, just need to paint the hood prop arm.
  8. ???? You weren't the only one.. Hell I even started to doubt myself.. Luckily I already spent $350 for a gallon of this paint ? I couldn't be happier though!!
  9. Still Anvil color. The plan is pull the engine this winter and slap in forged pistons, new head gasket and refresh the valves. The I'll reshoot the bay.
  10. Here's one of the five different colors it changes to:
  11. Thanks. It's been a long road! It definitely looks black cherry with low light! I mounted my wheels and threw some bits on the see what she'll look like... Ummmmmmm... it looks FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait till all the bright work is on. It's gonna be a special car.
  12. Still want those tail lights back?
  13. I'll bring it up as soon as it's road worthy!
  14. Super smooth. Clear layed out nice also. I had one sweat drip, one cup cap plug that spurted some globs I had to sand out and two small runs. Also the random bits of shit getting in the paint. It's a 5 foot paint job. Not a 30 foot so I guess that's good ??
  15. Until the light hits it and then it's "holy fuck! That's amazing"..
  16. This color is pretty damn cool for sure! I'll give you guys the money shots. Tomorrow I'll pull the car out and you can see the true color. Pictures make it look super dark.
  17. It's like a whole nother galaxy in that pearl :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
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