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  1. I swapped out the tranny and same sound of a rock crusher in the shift tunnel... I bought a stock flywheel for $89. I'm putting my old tranny in with stock flywheel and we'll see how that works!!
  2. I have a 13lb flywheel and aftermarket clutch.. I'm sure it doesn't help.. I grabbed a loaner transmission from Jeff last night that I'm going to try. If the noise goes away then I'll know it's my tranny...
  3. I agree!!! Thanks. I've been trying to isolate this vibration/nasty growl on off throttle and decell in gear. I found a bunch of stuff that needed attention but it kept getting worse. Finally it started whining in 5th gear a little also.. I drained the tranny oil and it was dark gray/streaky and the drain plug has a pile of metal particulates.. shitty.. I'm thinking to make sure I'll refill the tranny, clean the drain plug and drive the hell out of it and drain the oil again. If it's nasty I'll just take it to a tranny rebuilder. I don't want the run of bad luck on used tranny's like @jephybuilt had. Might as well bite the bullet and just rebuild it? We'll see. Depressing. I don't want to pull the damn motor again...
  4. Thanks guys! I've been driving it a bunch! Took it to get an alignment today and this evening I changed out the driveshaft u joints since they were a little sloppy. Sunday I'm gonna take a long road trip to shake it down. Next weekend is Blue Lake and I'm gonna try and go. It's 320 miles round trip..
  5. Thanks guys!! you ain't kidding... ? I drove it to work today (8min from my house..) It was fun. Needs an alignment bad which I'm getting tomorrow.
  6. Drove the dime to the gas station. As soon as I pulled in a guy pulled up next to me and asked how much to buy it ?? I told him you can't afford it.. he said how much.. I said 45-50k.. he said I can afford it.. I said too bad ?? I laid some rubber on the way out for him ??
  7. Back to the grind! Stainless window trim is in and now I'm working on prepping the dash to go back in. I decided to add a circuit breaker inline with a key locked cutoff switch in the dash (the AGM battery can't have a draw and it adds another layer of security). all I really have to do for wiring is make new main power and ground cables and wiring in the trunk. So today is a big day.. maybe it will fire off??
  8. My FTP server is down. Pics will be back..
  9. My interior guy is gonna wrap the dash pad in Suede to match my Suede Sparco steering wheel.. and then he'll make a full carpet set that wraps up to the back window along with floor mats. Soon...
  10. Sometimes you gotta pay the pros. In this case it was worth every penny ?? Front and rear windows go in tonight!!
  11. I almost went water to air. If you can fit air/air it's always easier. 750hp? Must be large?
  12. Thanks!!! Dirty work Sunday. Had to weld up all the holes in the floor and rust coat the floor and wheel tubs. Now I just need to seam seal the tubs to the qaurters. Getting closer. I ordered 50sqft of Rockmat to deaden the floors, back seat area and trunk pan. Also got DynaLiner foam for the front floors to give it that extra quiet and cush feel ?? I have to wash the car real good first so I can check for leaks. You don't want leaks under the sound deadener.. then I'll put it all down and have carpets made... I used Rust Bullet to seal the floors and tubs. I usually use Por15 but this is cheaper and better.
  13. Thanks! I'm stoked!! I had to spin the car around in the garage so I had more room. Good time to get some pics of the sun hitting it...
  14. Door still needs adjustment. I'm a sucker for door alignment... It's a bitch to hang and align doors with new rubber...
  15. I'll just leave this here...... ????
  16. Sounds like a pita.. I just need some washers ?? Still working on it.. Put on some trim, assembled quarter windows with new rubber, planned out the rest of the wiring and ordered a circuit breaker. Headliner goes in Thursday and then the car goes back together. Should be on the road in the next few weeks. Had to stop and clean the shop... couldn't walk anymore... All clean!!!
  17. I believe the knurl is slightly larger but I pressed them into my hubs no problem. The hard part is keeping them straight when pressing. I actually machine a solid round bar slightly larger than the stud and used that to press against and align... overkill but worked.
  18. It will work fine if you want the wheels sticking out a foot on each side.
  19. You don't miss anything do you? They're serrated nuts so I gotta put some washers beneath them or they'll auger the paint ?? just haven't gotten around to it ?
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