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  1. So I mentioned on instagram that I want to eventually build a Porsche 914 and my buddy immediately sent me a text saying he knew where I could find one... I might have just made the biggest score yet.... Two 914's. One rusty silver car with a motor full of water but a bunch of good parts. A black one with a Chevy 350 that supposedly runs and drives. I scored them both for $850... I'm picking them up Sunday and will strip the silver one and then put the black one together so I can test drive before I blow it apart and fix everything. I do know someone put a pulley driven external water pump on which is cool because the firewall is intact... Poor motor is full of water....
  2. Video from the Z06 on the last pull. He owned me over 100 but then again I'm driving a brick ?? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cx5hZclVDzQgwphTmL6m1Kw2zx7Yuy5i/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. Went to a car show today. It was a good turn out! A employee from Lemay Auto Museum stopped by and asked me to submit my car for a new exhibit they're planning based on "Tuner Cars". It would mean my car being on display for months but it might be something cool to do. I emailed them the info so we'll see. Not sure I can be without my baby... I told the wife I'd have to get another project to fill the spot... I then went for a road trip to Port Townsend and seen some friends and family. On the way home... I ended up racing a Z06 Vette.. ?? We did three rolling pulls from 50 to somewhere north of 100.. he said he gave it all he had to keep up with me.. it was like there was a rope connecting both cars. Neither gained or lost ground the whole way. Crazy. I'm running my own base tune at 6.5psi and I pulled about 3-4deg of timing out of her.. Once I get forged Pistons, crank up the timing and 15psi she's gonna be a street slayer.. He said he got video of the last pull so we'll see if he sends it to me...
  4. Yup. I Live .7 miles East of Star Lake Inn. Maybe I'll swing by this weekend and take you for a ride?
  5. Smart ass. "Each month has a different theme but all kinds of cars are welcome."
  6. I was losing traction in high speed corners with the inside wheel at the autocross. It must be the VLSD just can't handle the power.. I found a CLSD R160 with 3.7's instead of 4.11's which will be nice on the highway. The car has so much torque it shreds the pavement launching in 1st gear. I think 3.7's will be fine ? I'll put the halfshafts back in with the new diff. If all is well I'll convert to 930 CV"s later. No action shots. Next time.
  7. I had the dash pad sanded and recovered in suede to match the steering wheel ? And put the dash back together...
  8. It's so much easier then uploading to my FTP and then waiting for the slow ass new interface to load the pic.. ?
  9. I'll be there in the 510. Lmk if anyone wants to join. Josh- CAFFEINE & GASOLINE® September 1, 2018 Theme: Italian Cars Griot's Garage Store & Events Center Tacoma, WA 8:00 a.m. https://www.griotsgarage.com/category/caffeine+gasoline.do
  10. The car is moving to Instagram for the most part but here's some pics from today. I autocrossed her yesterday and she did really well. When you launch from the start line it squats down and just fucking shreds the pavement. It's pretty intense. Only flaw was the VLSD was getting over powered on fast corners and the inside wheel was losing traction. I just bought a R160 CLSD so that goes in next. It rained like hell on the way home so I washed and waxed her for the first time today. Maybe I'll put the driver door lock on one of these days...
  11. I started an instagram page dedicated to documenting this build. Please follow. Eventually once the build is all filled in I will post regular update pics. https://www.instagram.com/feng_shui_510/
  12. I entered into the autocross next weekend. Jeff's reign of terror is over! I wonder how long before he goes turbo...
  13. Drove up to see Jeff and pickup a rack and pinion kit... I5 is very unpleasant... My Malibu glides over the shitty concrete.. 510? Not so much... I'll stick to I405 from now on... Car drove great! Haven't had a single mechanical issue. Not even a leak and she stays cool in the blistering heat! Decided to stop by the Lemay Car show... The Lemay folks (In red) were super stoked on it!
  14. I started ordering parts to do the JBC Rack and Pinion Conversion... I was holding off but Jeff made me drive his car so I knew how shitty mine felt with the stock steering.. He was right..
  15. I hope those back window speakers are screwed down.. I got hit in the back of the head in a wreck by one of those.. didn't feel good ??
  16. I'm not really a "dark 510" guy but the flares really reflect the light and keep it from getting washed out..
  17. It could be the Redline MT90 is what made the difference. It's supposed to be a miracle worker... Either way it's better, not perfect but way better. Thanks man. It gets a lot of thumbs up on the road. It looks ever better in person ?
  18. No more lightened flywheel and it's a totally different car. Decell rock crusher is all but gone. It's drives waaaaaay better. Flywheel was a waste of $300.. oh well. I bought it before I turbo'd the car. It doesn't need one.. it's a hand full as it is!! And the RE71R's are killer. Drives like it's on rails now.. Only thing I did besides the flywheel was filled the trany with Redline MT90.
  19. Damn. I guess I'll find out Sunday when the tranny goes back in..
  20. With the 225 R1R's and 0 Offset 15x8's I had clearance all the way till the control arm bottomed out on the spring pocket. I then switched to -5mm offset rims and it rubs up front of the wheel opening.. I raised the car up and still rub since it squats so bad on the back right under power.. So I bought some 205/50-15 RE71R's... My R1R's were seven years old and honestly the 225's felt heavy and clunky.. Like wearing big heavy boots after wearing sandal's for a few weeks.. 225 R1R's have a full 8" tread width and really flat patch. 205 RE71R's have a rounder patch and a 7.5" tread width. No more rubbing even with the control arms hitting the body.... Clearance!!!
  21. Yeah mine shifts smooth. 5th is kinda noisy on decell, 4th all hell breaks loose, 3rd slightly less. I'm almost 100% it's the flywheel. The car drove great with this tranny and stock flywheel.. As soon as the new input housing gasket gets here we'll find out.
  22. I have the Megan knockoff. I can't feel anything in the shifter though. It's smooth.. Being that I have solid rear diff mount and spherical control arm bushings it makes this problem sound like the tranny is gonna explode and rip the car in half. It's not something I can tolerate so if the flywheel doesn't fix it then I'm pulling the diff and CV's and switching to half shafts to see if that helps. I just wanna drive it ?
  23. The clutch I bought luckily is sprung. I'll pull it apart tonight and make sure it's not damaged. https://frsport.com/exedy-06805b-high-performance-stage-1-clutch-kit-s13-s14-ka24de-motor Here's the flywheel I'm using now: https://frsport.com/act-600365-streetlite-lightweight-flywheel-s13-s14-ka24e-ka24de Stock is 21lbs. The one I have is 13lbs..
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