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  1. I bet it is the one on the shaft. Didn't think about that. The original cable was missing the little top hat and was a bit chewed up on that end. Now me thinks the inside of the drive assembly might have gotten buggered up at the same time. Makes sense. Thanks Mike, just reminds me to post first 🙂 you are the best! Cheers
  2. Thanks Mike, I knew you were gonna let me have it for replacing the alt without any proof it was bad. I felt like an idiot after I put the reman POS in there and it didn't change a thing. All the cables and grounds are clean and secure. I pulled the guage cluster out and low and behold it was coated in gear oil. The brand new speedo cable I installed is walking gear oil up into the cluster. I thought the new cable would remedy this and it seemed to for about 1k miles, but obviously the cable wasn't the problem. Is there a seal internal to the transfer case on the speedo drive that could have worn out? I cleaned all the oil out of the cluster and connectors and everything functions as expected now. I am just concerned that the speedo continues to spew.
  3. Hey guys, Wonder if anybody has seen this particular set of behaviors on a 720. Friday night on the way home from work, I noticed the temp gauge was pegged at the top of the gauge. Oh no! me thinks the water pump or something took a dump. I pulled over and checked the radiator and everything seemed normal. Continued down the road and noticed the fuel gauge was also pegged. I know I had about 1/2 of a tank when I left work. Strange. Then a few blocks later I turned on the left turn signal, waiting to turn at a light and the right one turned on. Switched over to the right and sure enough the left one started flashing. I could see both blinker indicators flashing very dimly. I worked the flashers on and off a couple of times and they didn't see to come on more than they were when off. When I got home I messed with it for a few and discovered the gauges returned to normal after sitting at idle for a few minutes. The flashers started working as expected too. My first thought was the voltage regulator in the alternator, so today I swapped it out with a new one. No Luck! Same bahavior. I read through everything on here I could find for similar behavior but nothing matched exactly. Any ideas what I should check next? Thanks
  4. Time Left: 6 days and 10 minutes

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    I am looking for a 4.11 ratio Ring and Pinion set for a 1985 4X4 720 pickup. This is out of the C200 rear end. My truck has CA41 on the tag. Let me know what you got and what you want for it. Thanks


  5. I used you basic method but didn't have any vinyl laying around and they wanted like $8 for a roll. I took a stroll around Wal-e-world and found some black vinyl report covers in the back to school section. $1.97 + tax and I was on my way to a fixed and functional glove box. All I had to do was trim off the flaps for holding the papers in with a box cutter and trimmed it to size and installed like above. Done. Thanks for the great starting point.:thumbup:
  6. Hey all, this is kind of a long shot, but I am having no luck finding replacements for these hinges for my 620 truck topper. Anybody seen these, or know where they came from? Or know what they are called and who might have something simular? Circa late '70s:
  7. No freezing yet. I hope it holds off for a couple more months :).
  8. yeah , you got it. 1 and 3 are the same hose the bottom is hooked to valve 2 and the top should go into 4, which is the power brake assist. Sounds about right.... thanks for the check on that.
  9. OK, I've marked this up to help clarify. The hose with arrow 1 connects to a tee below the valve (anti back fire valve?) marked 2. Where does connector 3 hook up? If 420n620 is correct that connector should go on metal tubing marked 4. It doesn't seem to fit there but I guess there could have been another piece of hose joining the two. It looks like the PO stuffed something down in that tube, or just some filth and dirt naturally got down in there... that should be fun times getting clear, eh? sorry for the crappy markings just getting used to photobucket. My Haynes manual should be here tomorrow but I thought that the hose could be the cause of the entire idle problem (guess not if it is for the brakes) I cleaned the carb inside and out with some seafoam deep creep and it didn't seem to help. I found out if I turn off the key and let the vacuum release the sticking seems to stop, and when it sticks it seems to rev on its own, so it isn't really from depressing the accelerator. If that makes any sense.
  10. Thanks for the quick response Bill. I was thinking the same thing as a starting point, this thing has been sitting and is filthy under the hood. I will try out the Sea Foam treatment. Maybe you can help me out with this vacuum line that was dangling when I removed the air cleaner: I hope you can see this little guy, it looks like it is only about 1/16th of an inch ID It is coming out of the valve down below center in this shot:
  11. Hey guys. My throttle started sticking out of the blue on Sunday. I was able to just kick it down and it resumed normal idle, but this morning on the way to work it stuck almost wide open. I did some looking around and searched Google on another site (Z specific) guys were pointing to the bcdd valve. I took off the air cleaner today and the throttle cable was not freyed and it was slack and I moved the throttle through its range and let it snap back. It seated where the cable would have been taught again, so I am assuming that the sticking is in the throttle. Anybody have any suggestions? I don't want to spend like 280 bucks from the dealer (if I can even find one available) Thanks in advance
  12. I remember when these things were in every chain parts store, and K-Mart, Sears etc. Pretty much everywhere auto parts were sold. I haven't seen them, and was wondering if anybody knew of a source. http://www.flickr.co...l-36301434@N00/ I am sure that there are window tint places that could print them up now-a-days but thought I would throw this out and see if anybody has seen them lately.
  13. 78LB620

    Hello from CO

    Yep, the PO (original owner BTW) had the invoice from the dealer. Gave me a copy. It says that the shell is a SeaView model, and in 1978 was a $695 add on. I will scan that document and post it, kinda cool to see.
  14. 78LB620

    Hello from CO

    Hey guys just got my new truck. Picked it up on CL earlier in the summer and I am hoping to get it water tight before winter. It has some rust (surface and otherwise) but it is all there and the engine and tranny are strong as there are only 56K on the clock and the PO signed the title claiming it was original miles. ( Here it is with the shell that came with it. I had never seen anything quite like it - 1/2 topper, 1/2 tonneau and a luggage rack to boot :rolleyes: The PO didn't replace the gas struts for the tonneau deck and the wind caught it one day and ripped the whole thing off. It broke the hinges and landed on the cab roof denting the piss out of it. :( My wife loves the paint job, I think I might preserve the design and maybe update it a little bit but try to keep that 70's styling. Let me know what you guys think.
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