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  1. mikko.makela

    WTB: 1967 R16 Clutch!!!

    my 1967 411 wagon with the r16 engine' clutch is going out... I cant find anywhere on the internet to buy one... can anyone help me out here? thanks ~Mikko
  2. mikko.makela

    So many parts, i dont know where to start.

    I got a 1967 411 SSS that's with the R16 engine.. I am in need of a clutch... and I can not find anywhere on the internet to get one.. DO YOU HAVE/ KNOW WHERE to get one? thanks - mikko
  3. mikko.makela

    F4W63 transmission

    hey thanks a lot for the help!! I cant wait to be drivin this pup again.
  4. mikko.makela

    F4W63 transmission

    does the F4W63 fit the Datsun 411 SSS aswell. it's the 1.6 / R16 engine. Excuse my ignorance, as I'm just getting into the datsun scene. I bought my 67 a while ago, and the syncros are bad. I have to be really tricky when i shift into first, or into second. I've also liked the idea of them dog-legg shifting styles. So hopefully something fits what I got. I dotn know if the bellhousings match up or what. And i'm in need of some help.. anything is appreciated. thanks, guys.
  5. mikko.makela

    Swapping rearend

    thanks guys! I like the mustang rear end idea. But I wanted to go with something newer it. Some guy told me to put a Nissan 300zx rearend. But who knows.
  6. mikko.makela

    Swapping rearend

    I'm swapping the rear end, unless you have a better idea of how I can go faster than 70MPH without sounding like it's going to blow up. I want to know what rearend I could wap out for. Thanks.
  7. mikko.makela

    1967 WRL411 SSS

    I do actually need someone to do my headliner. I've tried doing headliners on past cars.. and I just get way too frustrated. know someone that will do my headliner?
  8. mikko.makela

    1967 WRL411 SSS

    Yup!! I bought chads car! He's getting married and needed to sell it. I hopped all over that opportunity.
  9. mikko.makela

    1967 WRL411 SSS

    Wonderin what you guys have for ideas for me to do with it right now. The paint is just complete Krylon rattle can. It's going to be repainted. And I just bought a BUNCH of Brownish-Red Leather for all the inside door pannels. It has no headliner. whatsoever; So let me know any ideas you have for me to do to this beauty. Mikko~
  10. mikko.makela

    411 part needed

    Does someone know where I might find Some good quality carpet I could put in my 411 Wagon? and if anyone had any Door knobs, or window rollers, inside door pannels. I'm really interested in pretty much anything anyone would have for me. Thanks a bunch. mikko.
  11. mikko.makela

    Couple of 411 questions

    Thanks Brittany! Much appreciated. mikko.
  12. mikko.makela

    Couple of 411 questions

    I have another question. I've looked. & Couldnt find it. Does anyone know how many of the 411 SSS Wagons were produced? A tid bit of information I would really like to know for future refferance.

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