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    1971 datsun 521,82 gmc s15 v8ed,1973 pontiac ventura
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    mini trucks,bmx
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  1. i have a sad pic of my 71 521 that i ended up turning into a parts truck
  2. if that was anywher near me i woulda jumped on it
  3. what r these gmc rims off did u have to use spacers
  4. 87 5.0 rangers have the 8.8 with disks i looked into for my 383 s10 they bolt right up to the s10 leafes ther just a inch and a half londer on eachside and diff bolt pattern not sher on the wheel base for datsuns tho
  5. what rims are those they look similar to mazda b2000s
  6. do u know what that peice is called? ya i was thinking of just swaping in a whole other trans if i cant find the peice but i dont wana have to shorten the drive shaft or make a new crossmember. is ther any other vehical modles that would have the same kinda tranny i know for a fact that thers no other 521s at any of the local junkyards
  7. i broke the aluminum peice that the pin slides thred trying to get it out now what the hell do i do? change the tranny? if i habe to change the tranny would a 4 speed from a 1979 Datsun 210 work?
  8. not sher who made mine but i know moo makes ones just like them https://www.mooneyesusa.com/Store/product_info.php?cPath=188_54&products_id=117&osCsid=af58435beb35a59651a805a9c89da969
  9. awsome iv been trying for so long to get that thing out
  10. could somone move this into the projects
  11. this makes me want a kingcab
  12. do u still got the lower linkage off the shifter iv been looking every wher for one :(
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