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  1. Hey there.


    My personal email is stoffregenmotorsports@gmail.com. Phone: 530-392-8032.





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    2. Stoffregen Motorsports

      Stoffregen Motorsports

      Sure. Let me know what you'd like to do and when you're thinking of doing it. I am booked about  a year out right now.



    3. amritpadda1983


      A year out! that's perfect, it will give me time to finish my school. My BIGGEST thing, it needs to pass smog everytime, this time I was able to barely pass it in 2017 but I don't think it will pass this year. I plan to make it my daily driver eventually. 

    4. Stoffregen Motorsports

      Stoffregen Motorsports

      Keep me in mind. I'd love to get my hands on a Datsun/Nissan truck.



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