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  1. Good advice from a neighbor. I generally don't take advice from neighbors. What's that old saying? "Never let your neighbor touch your carburetor!"
  2. Yes, 250 at the crank. I built a few L20Bs for guys running vintage classes that made that amount of power. 200 at the wheels is good.
  3. Another trick I have used (to clean the inside of an engine and help with ring sealing) is to run a quart of ATF in the engine, with oil of course. The high detergent content in the ATF scrubs the grime out of the nooks and crannies and can give life to gummed up piston rings.
  4. So what's the best way to clean out the gunk from an oil pan without removing it? Maybe pour a gallon of acetone or lacquer thinner into the motor and let it sit for a while before draining it.
  5. Good point. While 510s are fun, they are drastically underpowered. I out dragged a 510 once while towing a car on a trailer behind my Vortec 7400 equipped K2500 Suburban. That's sad.
  6. A full race L20B should be in the 250 hp range. A street driven 2300 makes 240, with 10:1. You've got some work to do!
  7. Personal prefrence, but I would use either the gauges or the AEM cluster, not both.
  8. This one looks good enough to run. Try it before you tear into it. With all the mud bee refuse (the mud in the exhaust stud hole), you may want to flush out the cooling passages. Have a look around to see if they got in anywhere else.
  9. But again, don't have them grind the thrust out of the crank. Sand the bearing (the front of the bearing). And Mike, it's tomato, tomato.
  10. FYI - seeing crosshatch in the bore doesn't really mean anything. Motors with 100K miles on them can still have visible crosshatch. I do see rust in the bore in one pic. That could be scary. Probably nothing though.
  11. I still would rather sand the front of the thrust bearing than cut the crank. Bearings are easy to replace, but it's hard to add material to a crank. You had problems with thrust bearings going out before?
  12. This next level detail is going to set yours apart. You may have just changed the game!
  13. I remember the GT4 510s had a top speed of about 130. Some of that was likely the road course gearing, but a huge limiting factor was the box for a body. Luckily, the 620 has a slightly more aerodynamic front. And your motor should make more than the 230hp we were getting out of the L16s at the time. 125 mph seems doable to me.
  14. A couple websites I checked out yesterday had clutch combinations galore. I just did a search for rwd SR20 and came up with about four websites.
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