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  1. I like how they even scribed Nissan FJ20 into the torque plate.
  2. You tackled the rear section exactly as I would have. Nice work. I have seen this truck before. Instagram maybe? I am mstoffregen on Instagram.
  3. Can of worms time... While you're in there, you may as well remove the thermostat housing from the head take it apart, clean it up and reinstall it with a new thermostat. I know, don't fix what ain't broke, but it is right there. Just try not to break the bolts holding it to the head and the bolts holding the outlet to the t-stat housing. If they don't come free right away, hit it with some heat and penetrating oil. While it is off the motor, take this time to plug any un-used holes with pipe plugs. Same goes for the water inlet under the fuel pump. If you're deleting the water pipes (nice copper pipe by the way...), you may as well remove the inlet, clean it and seal up the outlet that you're not using anymore. You can do this with a small pipe tap and tapered plug, or with JB weld, or...if you know someone with a TIG welder, have it welded shut.
  4. Measure the C to C on the pitman arm. It should have the same measurements as the idler arm. If it doesn't, then the idler is incorrect. If the measurements are the same, then maybe it's an incorrect frame bracket or the holes aren't drilled correctly.
  5. 8 x 1.25 thread pitch. Not sure on the length. Studs from a L6 should work. For informational purposes - https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/15-8080
  6. I just saw that the one linked above is listed as an "auto trans" starter. Maybe that's the difference.
  7. 240Z had a different clocking on the starter solenoid. I think it was further out at about 10:00, as opposed to the 12:30 clocking of the one in your pics. I just did a quick google search and found this - http://datnissparts.com/l6-starter-genuine-hitachi-reman-datsun-240z-260z-280z-810-with-auto-trans-s114-282bam-replaces-23300-n3302r/ See the clocking? It's different. Not all of my search results showed that starter so there may be other variables. The gear reduction starter probably would interfere worse.
  8. Well, it doesn't look right, that's for sure. It would be nice to have an original part for direct comparison.
  9. There are many downsides to using a 720 4x4 chassis and drivetrain, but it will be a very simple swap, and one that I would love to own and drive myself. If you simply want a truck that is way more useful than it's 2wd counterpart, what you are proposing is a damn good idea. Good luck and keep us updated with plenty of pics.
  10. I am going to suggest swapping out the lower manifold bolts for studs. Studs distribute the load far better than bolts can. Plus, the action of screwing a bolt into the soft aluminum of the cylinder head can weaken the threads over time, making it likely that you'll pull a thread. It is also far easier to get the washers and a nut on a stud than it is to find poke around and find the bolt hole.
  11. Best head gasket is from the Nissan dealer. Any other graphite coated gasket will do. Stay away from print-o-seal gaskets. Brand names matter less than the type of gasket.
  12. Replaced diff and still noisy? How do the axle bearings look?
  13. Which gaskets? The ones that don't exist? Yep, they will fit.
  14. ...many complaints of a single side draft, period. I have never like the single setup, no matter which intake is used.
  15. I do know that the 720 has a steering box and idler arm that mount outside the frame. Is it possible you got the wrong one?
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