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  1. N268510S

    Proportion Vavle

    Yes I have a dual master cylinder. Ok so does anyone have a new valve because the threads are worn out on mine and leaks so I have very limited brakes.
  2. N268510S

    Proportion Vavle

    Just uploaded the pictures again. Let me know if this is working now. Thx
  3. N268510S

    Proportion Vavle

    So is it a distribution block for the braking system. Does anyone have a picture of one since my photo did not load to the link. Thx.
  4. N268510S

    Proportion Vavle

    I have a 1968 Datsun 510. Does anyone have a proportion valve where all the brake lines meet up with a brake switch. I have one on the car but it leaks. I can't drive the car. The proportion valve does not look right, I might be wrong. I enclosed some pictures of my proportion valve in the link below. I live in Anaheim, CA. Please text me at (714) 457-7099. PLEASE HELP I'VE BEEN DEALING WITH THIS FOR A FEW MONTHS NOW. Thx. [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s483.photobucket.com/user/fijikhan66/media/IMG_1336_zpscybtacgg.jpg.html'>
  5. I own a 68 Datsun 510. It has a re-built L18 with the Hitachi Carb. and a 79 280zx 5 speed. Just started driving the car but when I drive it the speed on the cluster is incorrect. Its runs ten miles over approx. Do I have to change the speedo gear ??? Any help would be apprecitated.
  6. Hi Everyone, I am looking for a drivers side seat with head rest holes and a seat that reclines. Please contact me at fijikhan66@yahoo.com. Thx
  7. Hello Everyone, I need some help in locating a four way brass brake fluid distribution valve. If anyone has one laying around please e-mail me at fijikhan66@yahoo.com. Thx
  8. Posted the ad to classifieds with pics. Rather than people bitching just direct individuals in the right direction that helps alot !!!!
  9. Thanks Wayne little help goes a long way. If I send you the completed truck pics can you post it for me.
  10. Don't have to be Rude or Asses Could not post to Classifieds and post pics thats why Craigslist. How about instructions to post to Classifieds and also to post pics. Don't need to be JERKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Classic Pick-up for Sale One of a Kind in the U.S. All Original No major modifications except for the extended cab and frame was not messed with and was done by a professional body shop. Have all the pics before and after for all the work done to the truck. Too many new and restored items to list. $12K obo. E-Mail for all questions, pics and appointments @ fijikhan66@yahoo.com You can see pics of the truck on Craigslist (Orange County)
  12. N268510S

    Datsun 1965 L320

    PLEASE HELP: I am looking for a few parts new rubbers for both of my wing windows, wiper & light knobs, moldings for both of my fenders and hood molding also a driver side window winder. I have been trying to reach Tana of VINDATS for months does anyone know if she is ok. I am in California and you can reach me at my e-mail: fijikhan66@yahoo.com. Thx Fk
  13. Looking for a few Datsun L320 truck Parts, Please see below: 1. Windsheild 2. Gas Tank Filler tube w/cap ass'y 3. Windsheild Wipers 4. Datsun 1200 Emblem (1) 5. Front Fender moldings both sides 6. Hood molding 7. Rear bumper I live in So.Cal (Anaheim) does anyone have any of the above listed parts for this truck. Please contact me via e-mail: fijikhan66@yahoo.com or Cell: 714-457-7099 Thx Fk :(
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