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  2. Here's another recent video: http://news.pcc.edu/2014/11/alternative-fuel-day-feature/
  3. jay520


    1. Look at wiring diagram. 2. Look at wiring harness. 3. Change the wiring harness so it looks like the wiring diagram. 4. Replace/repair any corroded wires, loose connections, etc. That should do it.
  4. jay520


    I still lurk around here every once in awhile. I can't believe it's been that long since I've logged on.
  5. ...should've finished a Datsun before buying a house. Way too many projects now.

  6. I think I saw that too. In North Portland almost to St. Johns.
  7. Well, I'm getting ready to move to a place with a garage. Where I live now doesn't have one, so I rent one. It's at 6011 NE Oregon St., about a block from I-84. I don't want it anymore, and maybe someone here is looking for a one. So, here goes... About the garage: It's managed by Cascade Community Services. I pay $95 per month including electricity (and water, but they never said anything about it and I never asked using it. There's a spigot a few garage doors down.) But, and here's the hard part, when I signed the lease they asked for a $200 security deposit and wanted something like $45 for a credit check. Plus, it's a year lease. It's a decent size and has a workbench in it and pretty decent lighting. It's below a web design office. There's also a vocal coach, a message therapist, and a psychologist. I've never really had any complaints from them about noise (I've ran an angle grinder), but I usually work in there evenings and weekends. The web design guys said something about the smell the day after I was rattle canning my engine bay. The other garage bays are mostly rented by a carpet cleaning business, one is just someone's storage. You're technically not allotted a parking space, but if everyone is gone I'll park in a spot while I'm there. There's a dumpster, sometimes it's locked. In an ideal world I'd break my lease on the garage at the same time (March 1st. That's flexible, but I should have all my stuff out of there next weekend) someone would contact the property management place and ask to rent the garage. And everything works out. In a less than ideal, but still okay, world I would sublease the garage. That is the garage I speak of. It's pretty decent with just one truck in there. Two is a little tight. There's just enough room behind the 521 for an engine on a dolly. The 520 is pretty much shoehorned in there.
  8. Somebody rent the garage I'm renting. So I can break my lease.

  9. Staring or starring? Man, they want a lot of info to register.
  10. Hooter switch is right. Wait, children? How old is she? Shit.
  11. Go to your profile, click on the gallery tab, click on the picture you want to delete, to the right of the picture there will be a small button that says "mod options", click on that, then click on delete picture.
  12. http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/01/14/how-much-for-that-4255-acre-honda-testing-facility/ No purchase price has been set, but offers of between $10 million and $25 million “are within the range of what we are considering,” said Jeff Andrew, a spokesman for CB Richard Ellis, a commercial real estate broker, in a telephone interview. He said a “call for offers” would be conducted within 30 days. At $25 million with 7131 total members on Ratsun, it'd only be $3505.82 per person. At $10 million it's a measly $1402.33 per member!
  13. so many cops at work today...

  14. More than likely. I need something to haul more Datsuns! It doesn't look custom, and there is a label on it. So, who knows, you might be able to get one of your own! I'll do my best to get some more info on it and pictures of it.
  15. This is what is on mine (freaky510's picture): It almost looks like it uses the bumper bracket holes. I haven't looked too closely at it. If I can find a camera, I'll take some more pictures of how it's mounted.
  16. You work so fast. Hmmm... I'm always up for some 520 scraps.
  17. Andrew Bird, right on. Right up there with... Elliott Smith Bright Eyes mewithoutYou So on and so forth, but I'll spare you guys. I use to listen to hardcore in high school, but my tastes have really mellowed out. I ripped a lot of c.d.'s onto my computer from the Nashville Public Library. So, I'm always finding new stuff on my itunes to listen to (never listened to Sacred Harp music before, that was interesting, and my bluegrass appreciation has grown). I dig tool and the mars volta, as far as heavier stuff goes, still nowadays. I can listen to just about anything except pop-country and mainstream rap (most of it, anyway).
  18. ...and are you still going to try to wedge a VG30 in there? ...DETT?
  19. My guess is a 320 KC, but I want to see a 320 panel van!
  20. Hurry up and get it done already. :lol:
  21. Your work cut out for you? Honestly, I have no idea. Hopefully, someone else can clear it up for you. All I could find is this picture from lowdatsun's Project Sic Sic 620: (It looks vaguely similar. I can't tell from that angle.)
  22. Now that we've gotten that straightened out. You're wondering if the 521 works on the 620? I think I remember them being slightly different. I know the other end of the torsion bar (the first picture I put up) changed with the 620s.
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