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  1. It's an LA thing I live in San Diego and most of use run 15s or smaller, just had to correct the "SoCal thing" it's an "LA thing"
  2. Thanks Jesse, good thing someone has pictures of my bluebird
  3. The jdm legend bluebird is clean, but would like to see more pictures, to say its worth 25k, this blue on eBay is probably worth the money if you like the sr/big wheel/big brake stuff, don't get me wrong it's a beautiful car, but prefer mine with wide 15s and a Lseries with dual carbs, So for a decent SSS coupe, prices should range between 15-20k in a stock form. Datfan510: just be pacient when looking for a bluebird
  4. no locking gascap, just some a regular cap
  5. Sorry Joel, tailights sold. as it took me so long from first posting. I also cleaned out all my PMs
  6. I do take offers, prices are NOT firm, Didn't want to start a new post for each piece I'm selling, hall monitor don't like that.
  7. Items that have been sold: Coilovers, Bumper, Taillights, Items that are available: door finishers, should fit 4 doors and wagons: $80 shipped rocker side moldings, $100 (would prefer pick up, due to length) one has bents but restore-able U67 head with Crower cam (reground) & springs, ARP head studs. The head has been washed & pressure tested and was given a good bill of health $300 + shipping Front brake calipers, they were inside the wagon but part number is for a 1985 300zx or VG 200sx, part number on box 40-51025, $40 + shipping Rear bumper brackets $20 + shipping Pictures to come: Fill plate (between body and rear bumper) $30 + Shipping Front windshield trim $40 hatch/glass (license light and handle not included, NOT INCLUDED) $150, + shipping (can ship via Grayhound bus or pick up) more parts and pictures to come,
  8. dome base is there, cover is missing the seats are from a rx7 or eclipse, but they would require reupholster
  9. all right gals and guys, friend finally got all his shit together, and the car is at my house. I started taking the front end apart, and will have pictures of the parts that are still good with in the next couple of days. Many of you PM'd me for part, but not sure if you are still interested please let me know. I will be going to Eagle Rock coming up (March 17), for the large parts, but can also be delivered.
  10. 75 plus shipping, I also have 2 other spring rates coils I can add for free
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