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  1. bredatto510

    exhaust cost

    what about just the repipe if i have the manifold and the muffler
  2. bredatto510

    WTF super mega ricer!

    not trying to hate either on autozone but i called and asked for a water pump for my 68 bug and they said they had one in their warehouse...also called and asked for honda s2000 power steering fluid and they said they had it in their 4th isle lol
  3. bredatto510

    WTF super mega ricer!

    shoulda told him the problem was the ebay turbo pulled out the books and sold him a garrett or something haha
  4. bredatto510

    Stock battery group # or size

    yes its a group 24
  5. bredatto510

    LZ22 Engine

    thats a hotter plug... depending on your compression ratio and octane... it might ping i have an l20b with flattops and im running br7es 's also you could try br5ey-11 so that they wont be projector style as those shoot the flame further...just fyi
  6. bredatto510

    Installing a Water injection kit

    yea im gonna advance it until it pings and then back off and see how that does...also as soon as i sell that fuel cell im buying the carb sync tool so that'll help alot
  7. bredatto510

    LZ22 & 5-sp Up for Sale... $1,200

    i got my l20b with flattops and a u67 with headwork to run premium with some colder plugs bigger jets and retarding the timing
  8. bredatto510

    tire strechting

    it started with euro cars and vip cars where the look it super wide deep dish and overstretched tires its a euro thing tho
  9. bredatto510

    Installing a Water injection kit

    thanks... right now i've installed colder plugs and no pinging so far... im working on synchronizing the carbs and getting them tuned right...when i step on it more than 1/4 throttle the carbs start getting rough and fighting with each other
  10. bredatto510

    Installing a Water injection kit

    update.... i installed some 7 series ngk's and advance the timing just the slightest amount..... no pinging at all but still some backfire... it might be that i have a hole on the downpipe so ima leave it like this but get it repiped and see if its just that... it runs nice tho... i just barely give it gas and it wants to take off
  11. bredatto510

    Installing a Water injection kit

    thanks mike ill be sure to buy that uni-syn as soon as i can... u always have great advice u guru
  12. bredatto510

    Installing a Water injection kit

    i never thought of that... good idea... ill try to add a washer to see and if not ill get bpr7's since they are colder
  13. bredatto510

    Ipad and ratsun problem...

    ooh i didnt put into consideration price... i figure someone blowing 700 on a jitterbug version of the ipod touch wouldnt mind so much lol
  14. bredatto510

    Ipad and ratsun problem...

    read the dell reviews it sucks balls
  15. bredatto510

    Ipad and ratsun problem...

    no that dell sucks return the ipad and get the new samsung galaxy tab.... it's said to put the ipad to shame

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