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  1. Thank you Mr G. For reverse payment. I appreciate. I got new info from our postage, the USA new postage rules stopped receiving any parcel from kuwait due to security reason. What security and what they want no one knows.!!
  2. Mr. G Full payment refunded, check your account now.
  3. Mr G, i couldt find the shipping document to prove how quick i send to post office. I have only your invoice, i never delay posting. But i am totally beleive you!! Problems may happen without my knowldge or by mistake. Within the next 36 hrs will do full refund to your paypal which is recorded with us include shipping fees, and please consider the goods are free for you. I am proud when sell overses , people trusting me which is good for me to continue selling .
  4. Buy the way i charge you $10.6 for shipping. Just now i relazed it is only $6. I have to refund you The difference. I never take things isn’t my right.
  5. I understand, when i write about shipping i try to be accurate as much as i can. Iam not post man so i dont know what happen after i drop the shipment to post office. Let me solve this problem now. I checked your order it was DEC. 5th. Im ready to full money refund if you prove the date of shipping ( recordered on the package). Picture it and send to payusup@hotmail.com . Thank you for not give me neg feedback. Again im not postman, i use kuwait registered air mail which sometimes took longer period. We are like you we hate liers. Why iam coming here then,,,??? I belive your order delayed and you got it after 50 days.kuwait post not provide internatinal track, it is only valid inside kuwait. Please give me tge tracking let me double check when we send your order to post office.
  6. Tell me what is your ebay id and i can show you the date of purchase and the official shipping document . All dates clearly appear. I ship all orders within 3 days, in case country holiday shipping maybe after 4-5 days. You dont need to contact ebay to solve problem with me. Drop me email and i solve it immedetly. Just to know ebay cannot do anything against me since i keep official shipping document for the orders. But as i said i have to make sure order delivered to my customer. Otherwise i give full refund include shipping fees. Again No need to call ebay, my email and whatsapp phone written on your package.If have time you google about me and see !!
  7. My store is off line now till postage issue solved Here is sample my selling item https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-Nissan-fuel-pump-replacement-Filter-OEM-16404-28530-/302173875669 Although my store off line , im ready to receive any question from my customers about there orders and solve problem.
  8. Hello all ratsun.net Iam member in this place, and i am ebay seller under account ( ukstar76). I would like to inform my customers who ordered datsun items from me during months march and april. There is postage problem effect the delivey period . I discussed with our postage to know when this issue solved, not get clear answer. So i am ready to make full refund to any person ordered from me and not get his order. Ebay allow 60 days for refund, i am allow 365 days for full refund . Me belive prevent me taking money isn’t my right. Just contact me through ebay and iwll do my best for all my customers. Saad Whatsapp: 0096566260055 Ebay id: ukstar76 Location : kuwait
  9. saad

    Rock Auto Discount Codes go here

    hello Ratsun.net this is discout code when buy from www.rockauto.com 2145183219376087 anyone any time can use it thanks saad
  10. Hello All i want S30 280Z parts catalog pm me plz if have the final issue 1979 saad thanks
  11. Hello Ratsun i sell 510 rear emblem price $20.99 shipped anywhere emblem here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/290909499404?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 location : kuwait i do paypal email : payusup@hotmail.com thanks saad
  12. Hello ratsun, i have some keys i want sell here i ship from kuwait and i use paypal price is $24 per 2 keys my email : user_saad@hotmail.com key pictures here : http://www.ebay.com/...ewitem=&vxp=mtr thanks saad
  13. saad

    ONLINE SCAMMER sell datsun wheel

    he stole $450 from me on $0 dollar sale

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